RIP The Dynamite kid

Sad to say that he passed away aged 60.
Truely a legend.

Feel sad that he died, really not a good human being, hold a grudge again Davey boy for stealing the British bulldog trademark until he died but was one of the greatest technical wrestler in the world and inspired a lot of wrestlers to actually becoming wrestlers.

The bright side in all of this is that if wwe want to inducted either the bulldogs as a team or Davey boy by himself, they can now because they don’t have to worry about dynamite bitching and giving them bad publicity for inducting Davey boy.

I really hate speaking ill of the dead, but if the backstage stories are true, this dude was a cruel bully and an animal abuser.

Not to mention a woman and child abuser.


Child? I have never heard that, care to explain?

He allegedly broke his daughters legs for insurance money.