"Ripe for the picking"

Why was Ronda scripted to say this line twice on Monday? What does it even mean?

It was incredibly awkward to hear.

I still dont understand why she’s given so much time to talk and comes out all smiley and happy - nothing like she was in the UFC when she was actually popular.

Her reactions are becoming less and less every week thanks to the typical terrible WWE scripting and booking. Like everyone else on the roster there appears to be no long-term plans with her, it’s whatever Vince feels like doing that Monday.

She’ll be completely damaged in six months or less and turn heel.

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about this comment and honestly I didn’t even notice it at first. I guess I tend to “tune out” some of the commentary.

But even if there hadn’t been some terrible scripted line putting her on commentary is a bad idea. You would never see Lesnar on commentary. This certainly isn’t career killing or any more embarrassing than what a lot of other WWE guys have to do every week. But if they want to keep her a big deal, which I am sure they do, then they need to highlight her strengths and hide her weaknesses while she’s still so green.

I think WWE wants her to become like a female John Cena type. The approachable, easy to like babyface and to do that WWE thinks they need to soften her image. You’ll see they want to make her a company woman the face of the company and to milk it for what it is worth and to do that you need to have her character appear to both kids and adults.

Nobody actually hear Ronda talk?

Vince’s humour is notoriously moronic and juvenile.

“Ripe for the picking” is an innuendo I’ve heard a couple of times and it certainly wasn’t in regards to someone that was married.