ROH Final Battle 2021 Report: "When one era ends… another begins. April 2022”

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ROH Final Battle 2021: End of an Era

December 11th, 2021

Chesapeake Employers Insurance Arena – Baltimore, MD

By: John Siino

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman

Final Battle: Hour One

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Shane Taylor Promotions (Kaun, Moses & O’Shay Edwards) (c) (w/ Ron Hunt) vs. The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman & Dutch) (w/ Vita VonStarr)

O’Shay Edwards is defending the title in place of Shane Taylor, who is wrestling later on tonight. Dutch and Moses start the match as they soak in the crowd here tonight. They start shoving and pushing each other, into Dutch hits a hurricanrana before getting knocked out of the ring with a punch. All six men get in the ring and start brawling until it all spills to the outside. Vincent and Kaun tag in and go at it with a couple pin attempts until Moses comes back in where they double team on Vincent, with Moses hitting a senton for a two. Vincent hits a side effect for a two, before tagging in Bateman as commentary sends love to Matt & Jeff Hardy and wish them well. Edwards and Bateman go at it, until Vincent comes in as they continue to trade blows and fight in the corner. Vincent sends Edwards to the outside hitting a suicide dive, followed by Kaun and Bateman diving to the outside as well. Vita VonStarr gets on the apron but gets knocked off by Moses who takes them all out with a cannonball, followed by a dive from Dutch. Vita hits a moonsault off the ropes to them as well. Vincent and Dutch start double-teaming Kaun, until Edwards hits a moonsault on Bateman for a close two, but the bell rings, but Todd Sinclair quickly corrects them that it was a two. Everybody starts trading moves until it’s just Edwards who gets blindsided by Vincent who hits the Orange Sunshine for the pin.

Winners: The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman & Dutch) by pinfall at 10:31, to become NEW ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions

Hanging in the Balance

Quinn McKay is backstage with Jay Lethal and asks him how he feels about the legacy of Ring of Honor hanging in the balance tonight. Lethal says there is something bigger than becoming ROH World Champion as the winner of this match could potentially be the last champion and tonight it’s his.

Maria Kanellis is seen bringing Ian Riccaboni the original ROH World Championship and says this is the one that will be on the line tonight as Bobby Cruise makes the match tonight between Jonathan Gresham and Jay Lethal official for the original championship.

McKay is backstage again this time with Rocky Romero who says he is representing NJPW and he’ll be on commentary tonight, but he gets interrupted by Brody King, Tony Deppen, and Homicide as Brody says he’s done too much for ROH to just be behind the booth, so he makes a proposition for Romero to show a little more violence and some bite, and Romero says, ‘let’s get violent!’

Miranda Alize & The Allure (Angelina Love & Mandy Leon) vs. The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) & Chelsea Green

The Hex comes out with both the SHINE and NWA Women’s Tag Team Championships as Maria Kanellis stays on commentary for this match. Commentary thanks to some names who helped during the history such as Jim Cornette, Dave Prazak, Gabe Sapolsky, Adam Pearce & Bobby Cruise. Marti Belle and Miranda Alize start the match trading chops until Belle hits a swift kick for a two count before tagging in Allysin Kay and double team on Alize. Mandy Leon tags in but get taken down with a swinging neckbreaker by Kay until Chelsea comes in and goes for a couple of pin attempts on Leon. Alize and Chelsea go at it, with Alize staying in control and keeping Chelsea in their corner as they make quick tags working on Chelsea. The Allure tries a double superplex on Chelsea, but she counters by taking them down and making the hot tag to Kay. They hit Hex Marks the Spot on Leon, but Alize breaks up the pin count. They all start trading moves in and out of the ring, including Chelsea diving onto everybody. Marti teases going for a dive, but gets punched by Love, and turns around into a pump handle driver by Leon for the pin.

Winners: Miranda Alize & The Allure (Angelina Love & Mandy Leon) by pinfall at 6:52

EC3 is backstage and is about to give a warning but he quickly gets interrupted by Eli Isom, Taylor Rust & Tracy Williams and Isom say tonight it’s Pure vs. Violence and they are down a man and ask him to fight with them and fight for honor, and EC3 accepts.

Danhausen shows up at the commentary and they play it off as if he just teleported there from Chicago as Danhausen mentions being there with CM Punk.

The Bouncers (Brian Milonas & The Beer City Bruiser), World Famous CB, Flip Gordon & PJ Black vs. LSG, Demonic Flamita, Will Ferrara, Sledge & Max the Impaler (w/ Amy Rose)

World Famous CB comes out with his old Cheeseburger look as he starts the match with Will Ferrara. They trade headlocks and head scissors as the crowd is fully behind them. Flamita and Flip Gordon come in trading arm drags, until PJ Black comes in and gets pushed off the top rope by Gordon, as he gets tossed towards him. Max and Milonas come in, but Bruiser attacks Max from behind until Sledge gets tagged in and trades strikes with Black. Everybody runs in now and hits suplexes and superkicks, followed by Max taking out Bruiser and attacking Milonas in the corner, ending with a spear before Bruiser takes Max to the outside and throws Max into the barricade. They all start trading dives on the outside until Sledge stops Bruiser from and hits a moonsault himself. Max follows by suplexing CB onto everybody on the outside. They start brawling inside as Black and Gordon take LSG out with the Black Flip for the pin and the win.

Winners: The Bouncers (Brian Milonas & The Beer City Bruiser), World Famous CB, Flip Gordon & PJ Black by pinfall at 10:22

Final Battle: End of an Era

The Era of Honor Begins: “Honor. What does honor truly mean? Is it respect? Undying loyalty? Or fighting for your truth. Through the annals of time, countless warriors etched in stone their own meaning of honor, but the warriors of today wage a different battle. A battle perhaps more daunting than any waged before. But as they stare into the face of uncertainty. One word reigns through. Tonight is their time, their moment, their chance to remind all of them who have forgotten and show the world what honor truly means to them. Join us as we celebrate life, passion, love, and the world that unifies us all. This might be the end of an era, but it is not the end of honor. This is Final Battle. And this is Ring of Honor.”

Dragon Lee vs. Rey Horus

They tie up a couple of times to start the match, followed by leapfrogs and ducking and dodging until Horus ends up on the outside and hit with a suicide dive by Lee. Lee tosses Horus over the barricade and continues to drive his back into the ring post and floor. Back inside, Horus tries to fight back but gets put into a half Boston Crab. Horus kicks Lee off the apron and dives onto him after running the ropes a bit. Horus goes for a brainbuster but gets stopped and hit with two backbreakers and put into the Half Boston Crab again, this time with Lee pushing down on Horus’ neck. They start trading strikes, suplexes, and a standing Spanish fly by Lee. Lee goes to the top but gets knocked down by Horus who goes for the pinfall off the top for a two. Horus goes to the top rope but almost slips up as Lee puts his knees up upon landing. Lee comes back with a falcon arrow for a two followed by the Incinerator for a two, a ripcord knee, and another knee to the back of Horus’ head for the pin.

Winner: Dragon Lee by pinfall at 11:13

Eddie Edwards: “What’s up guys, this is Eddie Edwards from IMPACT Wrestling, formerly of Ring of Honor Wrestling and I just want to say thank you. Thank you to the fans who have supported Ring of Honor, and more importantly thank you to Ring of Honor for giving me a chance when nobody else would, and thank you for giving so many people a chance to show what they could truly do inside that wrestling ring. Ring of Honor has changed the business and it’ll never be the same and that’s a good thing. Thank you very much, you will be missed Ring of Honor and I hope to see you better than ever.”

ROH World Television Championship: Dalton Castle (c) vs. Joe Hendry vs. Silas Young vs. Rhett Titus

Joe Hendry is making his return having his first match in ROH since March 2020. Dak Draper comes out with Dalton Castle during his entrance but joins the commentary table. Castle starts the match going into the entrance and celebrating with the Chicks as the other three start battling inside. Castle and Hendry try to go at it, until Young pulls out Hendry to face Castle instead. Castle again heads to the outside to run laps around the ring as Young stays in control. Titus suplex Hendry and bridges Young for a two count before rolling up Castle for a two. Titus sends Young and Castle to the outside before jumping off and getting caught and press slammed down by Hendry, before Hendry picks up both Hendry and Titus. Hendry and Castle start arguing, before Young hits them and knocks the referee outside in the process. Hendry comes in and takes out Castle with the title before Draper runs in and takes out Hendry before getting drop kicked out by Titus. Young and Titus go at it until Titus hits his dropkick for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rhett Titus by pinfall at 8:14, to become NEW ROH World Television Champion

Hangman Adam Page: “Well it’s the end of an era for Ring of Honor and I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed my time in Ring of Honor, I had a blast there. ROH allowed me to quit teaching to pursue wrestling as a full time job, it took me to England, I went to Australia and Japan and traveled the world and I definitely wouldn’t have done that without Ring of Honor. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and I just want to sell my well wishes to everyone there, everyone I’ve known along the way that’s come and gone from Ring of Honor. I hope the future holds the best for you. Thank you.”

ROH Pure Championship: Josh Woods (c) vs. Brian Johnson

Johnson cuts off Bobby Cruise and says we might not know what the future holds but this has been the best wrestling on the planet before mentioning ‘an American Dragon’, ‘an octopus’, ‘a peacock’, or a ‘punk’. You can stay in Sandy Fork with your brother or be an ‘architect’, and to everyone who made tonight possible, get bent, because it will be Mecca vs. Everybody. Brian Zane joined commentary for this championship match, as The Foundation sends Josh Woods to the ring. Right away, Brian Johnson uses the first rope break before talking trash throughout and going right away to use the second rope break. Woods keeps Johnson in the corner hitting chops and putting on a chokehold before getting knocked out and hit with a suicide dive by Johnson. Back inside, Johnson hits a clothesline off the top rope and a clothesline for a one-count. Johnson continues talking trash before knocking Woods off the apron to the outside. Woods is able to catch and toss Johnson off the top rope and hit a spear as they both stay laid out. They go back and forth trying to suplex each other and Woods ends up hitting it knocking them both to the outside where they go back and forth with strikes, before taking it inside to do the same. Woods puts on a sleeper, but Johnson uses his last rope break and pokes Woods in the eye as the referee isn’t looking for a two-count. Johnson goes and grabs the title and brings it inside and teases using it, but as the referee is taking it away, Johnson takes off the turnbuckle pad and gets German suplexed out of the way. Johnson uses brass knuckles again with the referee distracted putting the pad back on but only gets a two. Johnson places Woods on the top rope, but Woods counters with a front choke and Johnson, now out of rope breaks, passes out, to end the match.

Winner: Josh Woods by referee stoppage at 12:57, to retain

Jimmy Jacobs: “When I think of Ring of Honor, I think of magic. My ten years there, it was such an exciting time with so much creative freedom. The fans were so rabid, and it was just a bunch of guys trying to change the wrestling business. In the early days, we had to cram a lot of people in the hotel rooms, and my room was dubbed the Scrub Room by Colt Cabana. It was me, Young Bucks, Tyler Black, El Generico and whoever else needed a place to crash and we would stay up all night back in those days until our 6am flights talking about the wrestling business. Talking about how we’re going to change it, and, in a few years, it would be our business, and we were right. All those guys went on to do amazing things and I’ve been pulling strings behind the curtain at IMPACT Wrestling for the past four years. We were just kids following our dreams and we got them. And none of that would have been possible with Ring of Honor. Tonight is the end of an era and I want you to enjoy Ring of Honor one more night. And hey, I’m a princess and I always get what I want.”

Fight Without Honor: Kenny King vs. Shane Taylor

Kenny King comes out in street clothes for this one as there are ladders, tables, and weapons outside the ring. Riccaboni mentions how there are only a couple of spots in AEW, IMPACT, WWE, MLW, and NXT and these guys are fighting for their next paycheck. King starts the match spitting water in Taylor’s face and quickly gets taken to the outside where Taylor tosses him against the barricades before grabbing a chair but misses and hits the ring post instead. Taylor back body drops King and starts setting up tables together outside. They fight a bit inside before King hits a blockbuster on Taylor on the tables that were set up outside. They go back inside and start hitting each other with Kendo sticks, including King choking Taylor out with one. King brings in a trash can and starts hitting Taylor with it, but Taylor catches King and hits a uranage on the trash can. Taylor delivers a bunch of Kendo stick shots before setting up another table on the outside. Taylor sets King on the table and hits a splash off the apron. Taylor grabs another table from under the ring and brings it inside, placing it against the corner. King ends up reversing Taylor and hitting a Death Valley Driver through the table. King places a ladder in between the barricade and apron before they both toss more ladders inside. Taylor sets up a ladder in between two others before getting attacked from behind by King and placed on the ladder where King climbs the big ladder and hits a splash onto Taylor, but only gets a two count. They end up back outside and start walking on the ladder that is wedged on the apron and barricade and start exchanging blows, before Taylor hits the Marcus Garvey Driver on top of the ladder. Taylor tosses King back inside but takes too much time and only gets a two. Taylor hits King with a chair shot and hits another Marcus Garvey Driver on top of the chair for the pin.

Winner: Shane Taylor by pinfall at 17:59

World Famous CB, Eli Isom, Caprice Coleman, O’Shay Edwards, Ron Hunt, Kaun, and Moses head into the ring, as Taylor and King embrace.

CM Punk: “Hey everybody, it’s CM Punk and I’m not exactly up to speed on what is the future of Ring of Honor, but I know the past of Ring of Honor. I was a big part of that past and incredibly proud of ROH and the spirit and the things we did to not only foster an environment where guys can learn but also get paid and enjoy the business that we all loved. The Ring of Honor that’s today is far different from the one that I left, the ROH two weeks after I left, was different from the one I was there. When I was there, it felt like lightning in a bottle, and I don’t think people should be upset if this is the end. This is very much one of those instances where you should just be damn happy it happened because across the landscape of professional wrestling and sports entertainment, the fingerprints of people who came from ROH are all over it and the business today would be drastically different if ROH didn’t exist. I think all the top guys in most of the companies came from Ring of Honor and that is something everybody who ever worked there can be incredibly proud of and I look back at my time there with incredible pride, all the programs I did, all the guys that I wrestled and really it was a time and a place that it was a spirit. And it was a spirit that I will always remember and always love, and I will continue fostering here in AEW. And to everybody I ever worked with in ROH, past, present, hopefully, future, thank you.”

ROH Women’s World Championship: Rok-C (c) vs. Willow

Quinn McKay joins commentary for this match, in which Bobby Cruise does an in-ring introduction. Willow starts the match trying to take Rok-C down with a waist lock, but they trip each other up doing cartwheels. Rok-C tries to do a moonsault with her double knees but gets caught and slingshot into the corner. Rok-C tries to scale the ropes but gets stopped and splashed in the corner, followed by a cannonball. Willow goes for a powerbomb but gets stopped and does two suplexes instead and stopped on the third. Rok-C hits forearms and a hurricanrana spring boarding off the ropes. Rok-C hits a standing moonsault with a twist, before putting on a submission that Willow easily gets out of. Rok-C runs the ropes but gets pounced by Willow who gets a two. Rok-C goes for the Code Rok but gets stopped and dropped down for the two. Rok-C stops Willow on the top rope and hits with a powerbomb for a two. Willow hits a superplex followed by a top rope moonsault for a two, and quickly goes for the Bae Bomb but gets stopped. Rok-C hits a knee, a spinning kick, and the Code Rok for the pin.

Winner: Rok-C by pinfall at 9:42, to retain

Deonna Purrazzo issues ‘Winner Take All’

Commentary mentions Rok-C will defend her title against Holidead on the Christmas episode of Ring of Honor, as the crowd gives a good reaction to Willow who hugs it out with Rok-C, before we hear the music of Deonna Purrazzo, as commentary asks if she’s allowed to be here, as she comes down to the ring with the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. Riccaboni is yelling that Deonna is late and wonders why she is coming now as they could have had this match tonight. Deonna gets a mic and says Rok-C has what has always been truly hers and she wants it. She says that Rok-C would fight anyone, anywhere and anytime, well Deonna can provide the anyone and the anywhere. Deonna mentions when she beats Mickie James at IMPACT Wrestling Hard to Kill in Dallas, Texas she will then challenge Rok-C, winner take all, to which Rok-C shakes Deonna’s hand and agrees. Riccaboni insinuates that Rok-C and the ROH Women’s Championship might soon be seen on IMPACT Wrestling.

Adam Cole: “Ring of Honor has been incredibly special to me and not only as a professional wrestler but as a fan. It was thanks to Ring of Honor that I discovered other professional wrestling in the world and that I decided more than ever that I wanted to be a professional wrestler, seeing guys like CM Punk, Bryan Danielson and Christopher Daniels change the landscape of our industry. Far forward, and I truly believe I became the wrestler I was meant to become because of Ring of Honor. I was fortunate enough to be a three time Ring of Honor World Champion, travel the globe and it was really cool to see a company change the entire landscape of what we do, and we are even feeling the effects today. I couldn’t possibly go through and name every single person or fan, but I just wanted to say thank you. The Adam Cole that is standing before you today are all thanks to Ring of Honor and ROH. It has been an honor.”

VLNCE UNLTD (Brody King, Tony Deppen & Homicide) & Rocky Romero (w/ Chris Dickinson) vs. Tracy Williams, Taylor Rust, Eli Isom & EC3

Rocky Romero and Tracy Williams start the match, as Riccaboni gives a shout-out to Trent’s mom, Sue, on joining CHAOS. Romero goes to hit Forever Clotheslines on Williams, but he escapes out as Rust and Deppen come in trade takedowns and pin attempts. Williams comes back in as they double-team Deppen, but he takes them both out with a hurricanrana and tags in Homicide. EC3 comes in and him and Homicide exchange strikes before Brody King quickly comes in and they take down EC3 with a splash and T-Bone suplex. EC3 takes Brody down with a DDT, and tags in Isom as they double team and take down Brody now. Isom jumps on the back of Brody and tries to take him down with a dropkick, but Brody pushes him off and hits a senton for a two. Homicide tags in as they mention he’s wearing the same jumpsuit that he had for the first-ever Ring of Honor event. They keep Isom cornered in their ring, as Deppen goes for a senton, but Isom puts his knees up. Isom pushes Deppen off and tags in EC3, who gets tossed to the outside where he catches Deppen before getting hit with a dive from Homicide. Isom dives onto them on the outside before Brody goes and hits a suicide dive on everybody. Back inside, Brody hits a pile driver that Homicide covers for a two, before everybody starts fighting in and out of the ring. Romero tries a hurricanrana off the apron to Rust but gets caught and power bombed onto a bunch of chairs that were set up on the outside. Inside, Homicide grabs a work and sticks it into the armpit and mouth of EC3, before Isom and Brody get tagged in. They go through a string of alumni ROH moves such as the Muscle Buster, Jerry Lynn piledriver, the Pepsi Twist, and Brian Kendrick’s Sliced Bread. Williams puts on the Cattle Mutilation on Romero, but Deppen stops it with a double stomp. Isom hits the Helluva Kick on Deppen, places him on the top rope, and hits a brainbuster on the top rope a la El Generico which causes a ‘ole, ole’ chant. Homicide hits the Cop Killer on Isom, who kicks out at two who goes off on the referee as a result. Brody comes in hits a lariat and the Gonzo Bomb and Isom for the pin.

Winners: VLNCE UNLTD (Brody King, Tony Deppen & Homicide) & Rocky Romero by pinfall at 14:46

Control Your Narrative + “The Titan” Adam Scherr

As they are about to cut to another ROH alumni video, EC3 grabs a microphone and says today we pay homage to the past and tells Eli Isom to stand. EC3 says we stand in a Ring of Honor, and he has never stood in a lie bigger than this because there is no honor in what we do and mentions corporate wrestling, three-letter brands, old money, new money, and it being all the same. EC3 mentions people like Eli Isom, Brian Johnson, and Dak Draper who give everything and get nothing as Draper and Johnson start making their way to the ring. EC3 asks where our leaders are and how they failed us, while they keep their office jobs and tuck their tails and run. Johnson gets in EC3’s face and tells him to keep his name out of his mouth, as EC3 says Johnson has lost everything, including tonight’s match, his job, and his home and that’s what makes a man like him so dangerous. EC3 says this is a call of arms for Isom, Draper, Johnson, and for anyone listening in any company that they can take back this industry block by block and rebuild it in their own image because he offers them a choice; ‘Control Your Narrative’. At this point we see members of Free the Narrative; Westin Blake (the former Wesley Blake) and Fodder make their way to the entranceway. EC3 continues and says he’s had the public humiliation of being fired and losing his home, but he assures them if they stand there with him and they suffer for him physically, he can give them their freedom, but to control your narrative, you have to fight, as EC3 says ‘Free the Titan’. This prompts the former Braun Strowman, Adam Scherr to make his way to the ring and brings Blake and Fodder with him, as they all get in the ring and attack Isom, Draper and Johnson. EC3 says this is not an invasion, but an awakening. Scherr picks up Isom and slams him down before ripping off his shirt and roaring on the top turnbuckle as the crowd chants ‘holy shit’. EC3 says ‘you’ve been warned’, before Scherr picks up Isom and carries him to the back, along with Draper and Johnson being brought there as well.

The Young Bucks: Matt Jackson: “I look back at our many Final Battles and our time at Ring of Honor so fondly, as it was some of the best years of our career and my life and I met some of my best friends there” Nick Jackson: It built what we are here today and it couldn’t have happened without you Cary Silkin, Joe Koff, we miss you guys, we love everyone apart of that company and we just want to say thank you for everything.”

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The OGK (c) (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (w/ Maria Kanellis) vs. The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe)

Cary Silkin joins commentary for this match as the entire Briscoe Family is sitting ringside for this match. Matt Taven and Jay Briscoe start the match and fast with them trading kicks before Mark Briscoe and Mike Bennett come in. The OGK start double-teaming Mark, with Taven hitting a second rope dropkick for a two-count. Jay comes in as they hit splashes and kicks to Taven before taking Bennett to the outside where Taven dives onto them on the outside. Jay throws a chair to Mark inside, which he uses to hit a cannonball dive onto the OGK. The Briscoes double team Taven inside, but the OGK start doing the same to Jay. Silkin on commentary starts giving thanks to everybody who’s worked for and in Ring of Honor as well as the fans. Jay Briscoe is busted open on the eye, as Silkin leaves commentary to check in on ringside. The Briscoes continue to work on Taven, who reverses a Jay Driller for a two count with a roll-up. Bennett comes in and hits a brainbuster, before setting up Jay on the apron where Taven hits a top rope splash. All four men start going at it inside, with Bennett hitting the Climax on Jay but all men are laid out. Maria on the outside gets the fans into it as all four men rise and start brawling again. Jay and Mark take turns diving and hitting a blockbuster to Taven on the outside. Back inside, Mark hits a Spicolli Driver and the Froggy Bow, but Maria pulls Todd Sinclair off during the pin count. Mark goes to confront Maria on the apron, but Bennett goes for the spear and misses Mark taking out Maria. Bennett takes Jay out with a piledriver on the outside, before the OGK hits a Doomsday Device with Taven diving from the inside of the ring to the out, tossing Mark inside for a two count. The OGK hits a spiked piledriver on Mark, but Jay jumps in and breaks it up. Jay hits the Jay Driller on Bennett, as Taven tries a Frog Splash, but Mark puts his knees up. Jay hits a Jay Driller on Taven, and Mark covers for a two. The Briscoes hit a Doomsday Device but get a two as well. Jay hits yet another Jay Driller, as Mark hits the Froggy Bow for the pin.

Winners: The Briscoes (Jay Briscoe & Mark Briscoe) by pinfall at 15:37, to become NEW ROH World Tag Team Champions


Jay Briscoe grabs a mic and says he loves everybody, and this might be the end of an era, but it sure hell isn’t the end of the Briscoes. And with that being said, any damn tag team out there that wants a piece of dem boys, we right here, as the lights go out. When they come on, Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler of FTR are on the apron as their music hits. FTR and The Briscoes go face to face and start brawling, as Riccaboni screams that AEW and ROH are mixing it up in the center of the ring. Security runs in to try and separate them all, but they keep going. Harwood yells that Briscoes aren’t shit to him, as FTR picks up the ROH World Tag Team Titles. They all start fighting a bit more on the outside now, as Harwood knocks a cameraman out of his way.

Bryan Danielson: “This is kind of sad, Ring of Honor Final Battle, this is the end of an era. I was in the very first show and if it wasn’t for Ring of Honor and the opportunities that I was given at Ring of Honor, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And specifically Final Battle holds a special place in my heart as I lost the ROH Title there to Homicide, and despite losing was a really fun moment. The matches I had with (Takeshi) Morishima there where I got my retina detached and all that, so I just want to say thank you to the company, Ring of Honor and more importantly thank you to the fans. You guys made those shows and made Ring of Honor what it was. Now, I hope it’s going to stick around, it’s going to continue to be something great, but whatever happens, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

ROH World Championship: Jay Lethal vs. Jonathan Gresham

Todd Sinclair holds up the original ROH World Championship for this match, as Ian Riccaboni thanks Scott D’Amore from IMPACT Wrestling, Tony Khan from AEW and Billy Corgan from NWA for making this night special and this match could not have happened without their help as the wrestling world is united right now and they feel their love this match will determine who will be the final Ring of Honor of this chapter and this era. The crowd gives a big ROH chant as they go and lock and up and trade off a dozen or so wrist locks before Lethal takes down Gresham with a headlock. Gresham dropkicks Lethal off the apron and takes him down once again when back inside. Gresham starts working on the shoulder of Lethal, trapping him down with a couple submission and pin attempts, but Lethal dropkicks out. Lethal takes Gresham to the outside and hits him with a suicide dive as commentary mentions how Lethal could take the ROH World Title with him to AEW after tonight. Lethal stops Gresham with a big smack to the back of the neck followed by a flapjack. Lethal goes for Lethal Injection but gets stopped. Gresham jumps off the top rope but gets stopped and put in a figure four that gets reversed for a pin attempt. They continue with pin and submission attempts before Gresham kicks Lethal’s injured arm. They start trading chops while holding on to the wrist, with Lethal winning that battle before calling Gresham back up to do it again. Lethal hits a power slam and goes to the top, but Gresham rolls out of the way. Gresham places Lethal on the top, but Lethal pushes him off to go for the elbow drop, but Gresham stops him. They trade a bunch of pin attempts, but Lethal catches Gresham for a Torture Rack before finally hitting the Hail to the King elbow drop. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but his arm gives out and he falls, causing Gresham to hit a springboard moonsault and puts on a chicken wing, but Lethal fights out and hits a cutter to break it up. At this point, the entire Ring of Honor locker room comes out and starts surrounding the ring. Lethal and Gresham go back and forth with Gresham hitting a German Suplex for a two followed by a string of forearms to the back of the head for a two count. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but Gresham turns it into a backslide and another roll-up for two counts, before putting on the Octopus stretch on until Lethal taps out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham by submission at 15:35, to become NEW ROH World Champion

Jordynne Grace, Baron Black, and Rhett Titus jump in the ring and help Gresham up as Cary Silkin hands him the original Ring of Honor World Championship as Riccaboni and Coleman sign off with Riccaboni saying ‘We close one chapter and prepare for another one. We don’t know what it will look like, but we love you and will see you in April’.

We get a closing video that says:

“When one era ends… another begins. April 2022”

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