ROH FINAL BATTLE REPORT: Rush vs. Brody King for the ROH title

Originally published at ROH FINAL BATTLE REPORT: Rush vs. Brody King for the ROH title

ROH Final Battle 2020

December 18th, 2020

UMBC Event Center – Baltimore, MD

By: John Siino

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni & Caprice Coleman

ROH Final Battle: Hour One (Free Pre-Show)

Four Corners Survival Match: Dak Draper vs. Tony Deppen vs. LSG vs. Josh Woods

Dalton Castle joins Riccaboni & Coleman for this match on commentary. The winner of this match gets an ROH Television Title shot later on tonight against Dragon Lee. They announced this match has a 20-minute time limit and if it goes to that, Dragon Lee retains for the night. This is contested by Lucha rules, with two people in the ring and if one goes to the outside, another man can come in. After all four men shake hands and the smiles turn to slaps, Woods, and Draper start the match. After a couple of takedowns, Woods finally goes for the pin but doesn’t realize that LSG tagged himself in, coming in hitting a dropkick before Deppen dogs himself in by smacking Woods. They trade a couple of leapfrogs before Deppen finally hits a dropkick knocking LSG down. Once they take it to the outside, both Woods and Draper are legally the men in. Deppen and Draper go back and forth before Draper stops a springboard with a boat to his face. Draper goes for his Magnum KO but LSG tags himself in but automatically gets dumped out, so Draper goes to work on Deppen again. Draper does a lot of trash talking in the ring until Woods finally has enough and tells him to shut it. Draper hits a deadlift suplex that gets broken up by Woods. LSG comes in and hits a springboard onto Draper, at this point all four men come into the match and it’s a bit hard to keep track of who’s legal. It comes down to Draper and LSG again and Woods gets involved and brings both of them down off the top rope with a Superplex. Draper hits a hard Doctor Bomb on Woods and surprisingly only gets a two count, Woods puts on a triangle choke and ankle lock, LSG hits a frog splash on Woods and takes both of them out of the ring until Deppen sneaks in and rolls up LSG for the surprise pin.

Winner: Tony Deppen by pinfall at 11:42

Siino Vision: Cool concept, that might confuse people who aren’t familiar with a match with these rules, but I enjoy the fast Lucha feel to it, where it never had a lull and the action kept moving. Dak Draper definitely had the most time in the match and stood out, the ending came out of nowhere and they played up the fact that even though Deppen just had a match, Dragon Lee hasn’t been in a ring since February. After the match, Deppen hypes up he just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago and he won’t show him that he’s a failure tonight.

Six-Man Tag Team Championship & the Card Gets Shuffled

Quinn McKay is backstage with Shane Taylor and the Soldiers of Savagery, and says since the Mexa Squad (Bandido, Flamita & Rey Horus) haven’t defended the Six-Man Tag Team Titles since they won them in January and due to Bandido and Flamita being off the show, they will have to relinquish the titles and give them to Shane Taylor Productions. Taylor says this is not the way he told S.O.S. they would win the titles, so he politely declines. Dalton Castle on commentary says that Rey Horus is here and has nothing to do, so why not make a challenge to him as he leaves the commentary table to go and make that happen. Quinn is backstage this time with Brian Johnson who has a match against Danhausen, with the stipulation if Danhausen wins he gets a contract with ROH. Johnson yells that Danhausen with his face paint is a clown and tonight he will prove that.

After a couple video packages hyping matches for tonight, the busy Quinn is able to get a word with Jay Briscoe who doesn’t have a match with EC3. Briscoe says EC3 was out there licking door handles to get out of this match. Jay runs into his brother Mark and says now he’s free and can be his partner. Mark says he already got a partner (PCO), and maybe he can learn a lesson from this, and Jay gets pissed as Mark walks away. Shane Taylor runs into Jay who says it looks like his plans changed tonight also and if he wants a fight tonight, he’s got it, and it looks like we got a match tonight.

Pure Rules Tag Match: Wheeler Yuta & Fred Yehi vs. The Foundation (Rhett Titus & Tracy Williams)

They go over the rules as well as the Foundation in a video package reinforcing them and present this as the first-ever Pure Rules tag team match. This is Titus’ ninth Final Battle, while the other three’s first. Williams & Yuta start the match after doing the Catch Point handshake from their days together in EVOLVE. The only rule that doesn’t carry over from a traditional singles Pure match is the 2 out of 3 falls. Titus uses the first out of 3 allowed rope breaks when Yehi has his tie up on his stomach. The 23-year-old Yuta gets double teamed by the Foundation until Williams applies a Cloverleaf until Yuta uses his team’s first rope break. Williams tries to tag himself in, but it doesn’t count as he slaps the back of Titus. Yehi takes advantage once Williams does tag himself in and takes him down. Williams uses their second rope break before tagging Titus back in. Williams breaks up the Koji Clutch from Yuta counting as their final rope break, while Yuta comes in to break them as well using their second rope break. Yehi & Yuta are the only teams with a rope break left, as they are down to one as Yuta hits a high cross body on Titus for a two count, before getting drop kicked off the top rope. The former Catch Point teammates come in and rapidly get involved in a beautiful sequence until Yehi backs up into the corner with Williams on his back. Titus is about to break up another submission by Yehi before realizing he would get disqualified. With Williams tied in the ropes, the Koji Clutch still is legal Titus is able to break up the submission by using Yuta’s body. Titus and Yuta both get tagged in trading crucifix pin attempts until Titus hits a helicopter backdrop for a two count. Yehi uses their last rope break, breaking up a pinfall attempt by Williams after a piledriver. Williams automatically puts on a face lock on Yuta, while pulling on the neck by pushing on the ropes with his feet getting Yuta to tap out.

Winners: The Foundation (Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) by submission at 13:51

Siino Vision: I can see people being a bit confused or overwhelmed by all these rules, but I have gotten accustomed to them watching the Pure Title Tournament that they did on their return. I have to admit, it also makes me pay a lot more attention to the match and what exactly is going on, making every action have some sort of repercussions and overall a fun concept. All four men had a great showing tonight, and I personally hope to see Yehi and Yuta here on a full-time basis.

ROH Final Battle 2020

ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal) (c) vs. PCO & Mark Briscoe

Briscoe and Lethal start the match off with Lethal telling Briscoe that we wrestle here and he’s not a wrestler, Briscoe takes exception and stomps Lethal until he has to regroup with Gresham on the outside. PCO tags in as Lethal immediately grabs his arm remembering when PCO broke it, as he tries to tag out, PCO yells at him not to as he’s going to break his arm again and turns his back and testing Lethal to hit him. PCO is somehow able to get Lethal on the mat and apply an armbar. Gresham, who is having his first of two matches tonight, comes in and is having a bit of trouble with PCO as well complaining that PCO is choking him. Gresham is complaining as if this match is supposed to have Pure Rules before being body-slammed to the outside, as Briscoe and PCO hit double cannonballs to the outside. As all four are fighting on the outside, Briscoe places a chair in the corner before leaping off of it to the men on the outside. PCO misses a move and hits the ring apron on his back, in the inside finally Briscoe gets double teamed by the Foundation before Gresham stomps Briscoe out in the corner. Gresham tags out to Lethal, yanks Briscoes shirt off before chopping away. Briscoe is able to leap off the top rope to tag PCO in who comes in and hits his Judo chops on both Gresham and Lethal before hitting a low blow on Gresham followed by a power slam. Briscoe comes in and hits a brainbuster on Lethal before telling PCO they both need to jump off the top rope, Lethal puts the knees up, but PCO connects the PCO-sault on Gresham that gets broken up by Lethal. The Foundation starts double teaming PCO and hits a Combination Cutter that Briscoe breaks up. The Foundation double powerbomb Briscoe onto PCO and hit a Doomsday Device on PCO before Lethal suicide dives out onto Briscoe. Gresham hits a shooting star press that PCO kicks out of. PCO starts not being human and hits his partner by accident, and Gresham is able to roll him up for the surprise three-count.

Winners: The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham & Jay Lethal) retain by pinfall at 12:50

Siino Vision: There is definitely a lot of hype for the Foundation tonight with multiple matches and title defenses and so far off to a good start, interesting wrinkle with Jay trying to get himself back in the match after abandoning his brother to fight off EC3 and Mark not wanting him now that he is free. PCO keeps doing PCO things that continue to amaze me even in the year 2020, and good story throughout with the Foundation trying to work by Pure Rules until getting the untraditional sneaky pin at the end.

Rey Horus vs. Dalton Castle

Horus comes out with 1/3rd of the Six-Man Tag Team Championship, as they say since Shane Taylor Productions did not accept them, they will stay on the Mexa Squad for now. Castle does come out with 2 of his boys. They mention Castle’s partner Joe Hendry has been stuck in the UK and is eager to come back to ROH. Castle asks for some hand sanitizer from one of his boys on his way in. Fast-moving starts with Horus hitting an arm drag off the top rope before Castle is finally able to slow him down and take him down to the mat. Horus is able to come back dropping Castle to the outside with a dropkick but Castle ducks as Horus tries to dive onto him, he tries it again and hits a senton. They take it to the outside before Castle runs into Horus who moves and Castle spills over to the concrete on the other side of the barricade. Horus hits a Mandalorian-like tornado DDT that looks to end the match as Castle stops it by grabbing the ropes. Castle comes back and is able to hit a North-South Powerslam for a two-count showing a little frustration but keeps at it on Horus. They end up on the top rope where out of nowhere Horus hits a Tornado Driver for the win.

Winner: Rey Horus by pinfall at 9:10

Siino Vision: Great to see Rey Horus was still able to get a spot on this show despite his tag team partners being off the show, interesting how they teased them vacating the titles just to keep them on the Mexa Squad. This was a fun match between two wrestlers that always deliver for me and the right person won in my opinion.

The Righteous (Vincent & Bateman) (w/ Vita VonStarr) vs. Matt Taven & Mike Bennett

They show a video package showing the demolition of the Kingdom and the return of Mike Bennett. Bennett & Taven matching in their old purple colors. They start brawling right away before the bell rings. Bennett hits a spear on Vincent before Taven mounts Vincent until Todd Sinclair has to interfere and separate them. Bateman comes in and attacks the knee that Taven previously had blown out before hitting an Enziguri and tagging Bennett in. Bennett is able to hit rapid chops on both Vincent and Bateman before hitting a Fisherman buster and a spinebuster on them respectfully. Vita gets in the ring to distract Bennett who falls for it running into a knee by Bateman followed by a side effect by Vincent. The Righteous have Bennett in the corner as they double team him. Vincent misses off the top rope into a superkick by Bennett before Vincent is able to apply the Grim Sleeper choke. Taven and Bateman both get tagged in with Taven getting the best of the sequence ending with a Russian leg sweep before hitting Vincent off the corner and following with a suicide dive to him. Back in the ring, Taven hits a springboard kick to Bateman, but Vincent the non-legal man comes in and applies the Grim Sleeper on Taven, but Taven is able to take Vincent out of the ring before running into a Roll of the Dice by Bateman. Bateman tags Vincent in who hits the Red Rum on Taven who kicks out at 2.9. Bennett hits a spear on Vincent while Taven hits a DDT on Bateman. All four men are down as Sinclair starts counting them out. Taven and Vincent finally start brawling before falling back down. Bateman and Bennett tag in with Bennett hitting a couple of chops and kicks followed by a spear. Bennett tells Taven to go to the top as they connect with the spike piledriver, as Taven starts yelling about his knee, Bennett hesitates and only gets a two count. Bennett hits a Death Valley Driver on Bateman on the ‘hardest part of the ring’, before being taken out by Vincent on the outside. Vincent and Taven start brawling inside with Taven landing an Aurora Borealis right into the knees of Vincent. Vincent yells out he has an Orange Sunshine before Taven reverses it in a Koji Clutch variation, but Vincent reaches for the ropes. Bennett holds Vincent’s upper half out of the ring as Taven hits his Aurora Borealis on the outside. Bennett on the inside hits a piledriver on Bateman followed by a Shining Wizard/backpack stunner combination with Taven and gets the pin.

After the match, Vita VonStarr comes in and hits a double low blow on the OGK (Original Kingdom) before Bateman and Vincent come back in and attack them both. They tie up Taven on the ring ropes with zip ties and VonStarr starts choking Taven out with her legs. As Bateman is holding Bennett down, he yells happy anniversary, Vincent grabs a giant wooden block from under the ring. He places it in between the ankles of Bennett and slams his ankles down with a steel chair as Bennett screams from the top of his lungs yelling that they are broken.

Winners: Matt Taven & Mike Bennett by pinfall at 16:19

Siino Vision: This match felt a little bit dragging and long, but it’s warranted as it had the most story built up for it. I enjoyed the moves the OGK was able to connect at the end, but the talk will be the after-match antics, as the attack to Bennett seemed to be a way to put Bennett on the shelf for a while now but sets up the eventual rematch between Taven and Vincent.

Brian Johnson vs. Danhausen

Both of these men making their debut, if you are unfamiliar with Danhausen he has a funhouse type gimmick where he wears face paint, a cape, talks in the third person, has trippy like effects in his entrance, and looks straight out of a Tim Burton movie, and if he wins, he has a full-time contract in Ring of Honor. His tale of the tape has very odd statistics compared to others shown. Danhausen automatically hits a pump kick and almost wins the match. Danhausen hits a Hurricanrana and tells them to play his music, they oblige as he continues to talk into the camera with his wacky antics. Johnson is able to have combat but grabs a mic and tells Riccaboni and Coleman to shut up and they suck at their job. Johnson then says he’s letting all the fans at home down right now as he stomps away at Danhausen. He continues on the mic and yells at the cameraman not to show him before talking down to the fans who listen to podcasts (excuse me?). He hits a scoop slam followed by a fist drop but Danhausen kicks out. Danhausen grabs the mic and yells “No swearing!”, but Johnson is still able to come back and hit a clothesline taking him down. Johnson grabs the mic again saying he’s worked his entire life to be standing here at Final Battle but ends up fighting against a clown like him. Tonight, he puts an end to this charade, and he kills the internet, hitting another clothesline getting a two count. As he tries to hit Danhausen with the microphone, Danhausen hits a Northern Lights Suplex, followed by a European uppercut and a German suplex. He grabs a jar of teeth, but Johnson is able to drop him and the teeth down but ruins into a GTS by Danhausen, but Johnson grabs the rope to end. Danhausen hits a suicide dive to the outside on Johnson, but Johnson distracts the ref and hits the ropes up under Danhausen. Johnson then grabs the teeth and pours them in Danhausen’s mouth, Danhausen gets kicked in the mouth and the teeth fly out into the referee’s face so he is unable to make the three count from Johnson. Danhausen rubs the microphone on his head and gives it to Johnson implying he used it. The referee sees the face paint is rubbed on the microphone and disqualifies Johnson.

Winner: Danhausen by disqualification at 8:44, earning himself a Ring of Honor contract

Siino Vision: Danhausen is a fun wrestler. Danhausen can be loved. Danhausen can be hated. Danhausen good? Danhausen sucks. In all seriousness, not sure if this type of match would be accepted in Ring of Honor, it seemed to be a comedy match then wanted to be a serious match, I kept thinking it would end and it just kept going and got wackier and wackier, Johnson grabbed the mic one too many times to set up what would be the finish. Wacky.

ROH World Television Championship: Dragon Lee (c) (w/ Amy Rose) vs. Tony Deppen

Amy Rose joins Riccaboni & Coleman on commentary and uses Spanish during the match. Deppen showing fatigue from the Four Corners match in Hour One. Lee hits a suicide dive to the outside and starts doing pushups in Terrell Owens style before they start brawling on the outside a bit. They go back into the ring where Dragon Lee hits a double stomp off the top rope for a two count. Deppen is able to have a bit of a comeback, dropping Lee to the outside of the ring and hitting a flying cannonball through the second rope, followed by a springboard shotgun dropkick for a two count. Lee comes back and hits a Rush-style basement dropkick in the corner to Deppen. Amy dedicates this match to Kenny King who is at home recovering from missing this show due to COVID. Both men on their knees, they start exchanging blows before standing up and continuing them as they got harder and faster until Lee finally takes Deppen down, but Deppen trips him in the corner and follows with a splash in the corner followed by a kick to the face and a Code Breaker for a two count. Deppen hits an Enziguri while Lee is on the top rope, before tripping into a tree of woe receiving a double stomp from Lee for a 2 count as Rose seems frustrated on commentary. Deppen is able to hit a somersault neck breaker followed by a running knee for an extremely close 2 count. He tries it again but ends up hitting a knee lift but ends up running into a knee himself from Lee, followed by a Poison Rana and another running knee for a 2 count. Lee shows frustration before hitting the Incineration and finally getting the pin

Winner: Dragon Lee retains by pinfall at 11:50

Siino Vision: Refreshing to finally see Dragon Lee back in the ring, and Deppen was able to show much more than I expected especially for someone who beat 3 other men earlier in the night. They tease that Dragon Lee & Rush could be the first brothers since the Briscoes to walk away from Final Battle retaining the titles, they also hyped up how Deppen would do against Lee in a night where he didn’t have to wrestle twice, and I agree I would love to see that.

Shane Taylor (w/ S.O.S.) vs. Jay Briscoe

This match was made earlier in the night during Hour One with both of their opponents being removed from the card. Hard-hitting, big man style match to start off with both men seeming to have a point to prove. They seem to be evenly matched until Taylor knocks down what Caprice describes as a Nate Robinson like punch as Briscoe does his best impersonation. They battle on the floor as Taylor throws Briscoe against the barricade before breaking up the count quickly, Briscoe uses this to come back and trade blows with Taylor once again. They take advantage of the 20-count rule and spend a lot of time on the outside before heading back in with Briscoe keeping Taylor down in the corner with boots. Briscoe drops Taylor down a dropkick, attempts a neck breaker but walks into a right cross by Taylor as Coleman does his best “Oh, my god”. Taylor drops Briscoe yet again with another punch. Jay takes down Taylor with a Spicolli Driver as his brother Mark comes down for support. Jay tries to apply a sleeper hold on Taylor, but Taylor breaks it loose by backing up into the corner. Jay jumps right back onto his back to apply it again. Taylor eventually is able to grab the rope and break it up as we hear all three men on the outside encouraging them on. Briscoe tries to connect with the Jay Driller, but Taylor fights it off. Briscoe with a spur of energy comes back and connects with a neck breaker for a close two count. Taylor hits the Marcus Garvey Driver for another two-count, followed by Welcome to the Land to finally finish off Jay.

Winner: Shane Taylor by pinfall at 13:49

After the match, Riccaboni & Coleman talk about how Shane Taylor at this point should be considered in the World Title picture, as Taylor says to Jay that they are tied one and one now. Mark tries to congratulate Jay after the match, Jay hesitates a bit before finally connecting with his brother, as Taylor says to the winner of Brody King and Rush, that he has next.

Siino Vision: I’ll be honest, for this match to be a thrown together make-up match was a lot better than I expected, obviously both men have proven themselves and shouldn’t ever be doubted to have a banger of a match, but this definitely surpassed my expectations. I agree with commentary about Taylor proving himself to be next in line for a title shot, and even though we’ve seen Jay and Mark brawl and team back and forth for years, their story always seems to intrigue me regardless.

ROH Pure Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs. Flip Gordon

They play up the fact that this is the first time the Pure Championship has been defended since 2006, and that Gordon is upset he wasn’t included in the tournament to determine the new champion. The Foundation brings Gresham out by the entrance before heading back. Gresham another man having multiple matches tonight, and this match obviously under Pure Rules. Gordon uses his first rope break at about the minute and a half mark before Gresham takes him down and starts stretching his legs like it’s nothing. Gordon seems to be running through his rope breaks, using his second one at the 3-minute mark. Gresham targets the elbow that Gordon has injured in the past and holds Gordon down by applying pressure on both arms. Gresham continues to twist Gordon in ways that seem inconceivable with such ease as Gordon aims and misses and shows fatigue pretty early in the match, and without even realizing it he uses his third and last rope break with Gresham literally roping him into doing it. At this point, Gresham with all 3 of his rope breaks intact can pin or submit Gordon even in the ropes, it should be noted Gresham didn’t use his first rope break until his third match in the Pure Title Tournament. The match takes it to second gear as they trade leapfrogs until Gresham walks into a superkick and uses his first rope break to break it up. Gresham misses a splash from the top rope and immediately goes for his left knee acting as if it’s buckled up, Gordon takes full advantage of the shown weakness and DDT’s the leg before working away at it until eventually locking in a weak figure four. Gordon continues to work on the left knee of Gresham until Gresham finally comes back on the elbow of Gordon. Gordon is able to hit the STF, but Gresham uses his second rope break. Gresham reverses out of a suplex on his weak knee. Gordon is able to slip out of a sunset powerbomb and hits a falcon arrow for a two count and puts the Submit to Flip, STF one more time as Gresham tries to go for his last rope break. Gresham does eventually use the final rope break of the match. Gordon uses a closed fist, and the referee issues him a warning, Riccaboni although says that this was a smart move by Gordon as he was able to throw off Gresham. Gresham hits an Enziguri, Gordon comes back with a kneebar, at this point they are going at 1.5x speed. Gordon turns it into a half crab as Gresham, with no rope breaks, is stuck in the middle. Gordon flips it again applying the STF as Gresham holds the rope, and they both end up flipping to the outside. Gresham is able to hit a hammerlock back suplex off the top rope, and attempts a couple more pinfalls after running forearms, and keeps continuing the forearms until the referee puts a stop to the match and gives the win to Gresham. After the match, Gordon denied abiding by the Code of Honor.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham retains by referee stoppage at 24:37

Siino Vision: Phenomenal match that proves why the Pure Championship has been brought back, all 6 rope breaks being used, Gordon’s elbow vs. Gresham’s knee was the story of the match, and they didn’t deviate from that. The ending made this seem like an all-out war with neither man being pinned or submitting having the match ended by the referee’s discretion. No doubt the match of the night, and Rush and Brody definitely have to do a lot to follow that.

ROH World Championship: Rush (c) vs. Brody King

La Faccion Ingobernable looks to have a perfect night tonight as Rush in his white suit means business tonight. The match starts off hot, but the big Brody is able to slow Rush down, but Rush comes back with a hard forearm of his own. Brody hits another forearm followed by a suicide dive to the outside as he makes sure to tell us at home; ‘Just Violence’. He continues the violence but throws Rush against the barricade and checks under the ring. Brody starts grabbing all the chairs from the timekeeper’s table and stacks them up on the floor, with Riccaboni stating as long as they aren’t used in a direct offensive manner it is fine. King then proceeds to body slam Rush on the chairs before hitting a running senton. King keeps the hard offensive going and goes for a two count after a gigantic cannonball that Rush grabs the rope to break. Rush is able to start a comeback and take-out Brody with a senton to the outside before whipping Brody to the chairs and barricades to the outside. Rush is able to open up the barricade and slams Brody’s head in between which Riccaboni says is ’50 pounds of sand’ of a door. Rush continues before grabbing electrical cables from under the ring and starts to choke Brody with them telling Todd Sinclair to stay ‘Tranquillo’. Rush continues choking him out and pulls on the mouth and teeth of Brody as Sinclair finally tells Rush to ‘listen to him’. Rush starts blowing kisses to all his ‘fans’ in attendance asking them if they miss him, but now he’s here in his house and he’ll be the champion for a long time. Rush continues to taunt away with his ‘Ingobernable’ ways before Brody runs like a bull of his own into an over the head suplex. Brody attempts the Pepsi Plunge off the top rope, but Rush is able to block it and hit a Superplex for a two count. They start trading chops before Rush sets up his move in the corner, you mess with the bull — and he runs right into a spear by Brody for a two count. Brody comes back with a lariat and puts him up for a Gonzo bomb, but Dragon Lee runs in to distract the referee. La Bestia del Ring, Rush’s father, runs in and hits Brody over the head with a chair. Rush finally gives the horns in the corner and covers Brody for the win.

As La Faccion stands tall in the ring, The Foundation is at ringside calling them out, specifically Gresham and Rush as the show goes off the air.

Winner: Rush retains by pinfall at 16:35

Siino Vision: Awfully hard to top the Pure Title match, but at least they tried something different by getting the weapons involved, didn’t think this matchup would click, but it’s safe to say Rush can have a good match with almost anybody, not downplaying Brody at all but this match was better than it was meant to be on paper. Weird finish and I wouldn’t have expected Rush’s father to get involved with who they teased as a new member of La Faccion Ingobernable.

Overall, I have been spoiled by most pay per views this year going 2 and a half hours, 3 hours tops, so this at times felt like a chore. I understand though, it was their first pay per view since lockdown and a lot of these champions and wrestlers have not wrestled in a while, so it was good to see every title (almost) defended tonight. I can’t stress enough how amazing that Pure Title match was, and I recommend everyone watch that if you had to pick one match tonight, makes me so happy that the Pure Championship is back.

8 rope breaks out of 10