ROH Website (and by extension Honor Club) down??

Can’t use the app or the website, anyone else?

It took me a minute to load the site, there may be more traffic than normal with the ppv tonight.

Trying to sign up for HonornClub and having no success.

‘Increase the bandwidth to 10 million!’ - Cody

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massive fail for roh tonight :frowning: guess I’ll watch NXT live and watch supercard on the replay

I didn’t even get to watch this yet. Originally I was going to watch this live and catch NXT later. The roku app didn’t have the PPV on it when I was finally able to log on. It’s 8am on Sunday and the only way I can watch this is to log on to my Honor club on my computer and guess what? The show has major buffing issues.

You would think if you know you have a big show coming up, you would have been testing all the apps a month in advance so you have no issues. Like Rick said in an eariler post, Massive Fail. :rage:

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I’m actually getting a playback of This Channel is Off-Air
Is this because they haven’t posted the show yet? It’s 11am east coast and it’s not avail when they went head to head with NXT last night. Bad look for ROH service

Hey MJ, I’m also in NJ and I log into the honor club, but I try to watch the replay and it buffers so bad that I just gave up. I tried to watch it on 320p and it still stutters.

It starts for you? Mine won’t even load. Just says offline

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Yeah, it starts but it might as well not have. I got up to the Ishi/Martinez match and it was stop and start. I was done and just read the spoilers.

I’m so bummed if I have to resort to spoilers. And once the final groupsnod the Masters go off I’m not even going to be able to watch the Kenny Cody match til after Mania.

I’ll say this about ROH - while it may not be fan backlash for this event or other streaming troubles, what a shitty thing for a company that’s trying to retain the Bucks, Cody, rights to work with Omega. Those guys are top of the industry stars and can’t be happy having their work trashed by association.

What ROH should have done was to test these apps at least a month back to insure that they are capable to handling the demand for this show. They are owned by a broadcasting company, you would think they would have known better.

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Supercard of Honor won’t load for me either. So, I started playing with the search engine to play the war of the worlds show from Toronto in may. Watched myself pat Cody on the back on his way to fight Will Osperey on the high flyers 24th birthday. I can’t believe Osperey is still only 24.

Can someone post when it’s up on honor club?

Fite TV has been great all weekend for the wwn shows I ordered.

I was thinking about dropping the money on getting the Honor club, but on Thursday just decided to get it off Fite instead and for my first time using Fite I was impressed at how well it streamed for me.

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I’m watching the Fite replay which I paid for now because I really didn’t want to avoid spoilers all day and night during Mania and was very excited to watch some of these matches. I feel stupid having paid more but I’m thinking about it this way: hopefully my contributions go to them figuring this shit out before they lose all the talent they have and wind up like so many Indy’s in the past. Honestly, I wonder how much Sinclair cares, given it’s others “battles” at the moment.
It does shock me they don’t outsourced this to NJPW who has a tremendous service.

I love Fite TV. Have been catching all the Mania weekend shows. Spring Break 2 and Bloodsport were both really fun. Have yet to try Honor Club, wish I could do a trial first to see if it’s worth it.

I am big ROH fan but this is the reason I have not signed up yet. Too many issues. Will wait for them to get it right.

It’s up right? Still haven’t watched the show and haven’t found time to check since mania day?

They did give the Honor Club year long subscribers a coupon code for $40 to their shop. Decent way to make nice I suppose. Even the people who only paid for a month get a $10 code.

40$ with the 15% discount as a subscriber that is built in. I got a Bullet Club hoodie for 13$ of which half of that was shipping.

So what I paid to see the replay on Fite TV Sunday - I figure I got that money back with this discount.
I’d own so much more merch if I didn’t feel like I spent too much in subscriptions (WWE, Honor Club, NJPW, POST wrestling). But I’ve always looked at monthly dues for content I love as a better way to support the industry than one time purchases and pirating shows. So I’m stoked to have an opportunity to get merch at a super low price.

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