Roll Call: G1 Supercard - MSG

Its early, but with the onsale for Honor Club members today I thought I’d ask a wai: anyone get tickets?

I scored 4 in section 107. Currently only know I need two but hoping to recruit some NJPW converts in the next few months. Should be an awesome experience them running MSG, which is only a 15 minute walk from my apartment!

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How much are ticket prices?

Tickets ranged between 30$ and 300$ before surcharges and fees. For reference, my 107 tickets were listed at $121 per ticket. 107 is mid court facing the “hard camera side”

Ugh I wish I could make it. Got the email for my presale password and shed a small tear lol.

Just barely got my tickets right at 10 when they went on sale, paid $151 US for row 5 in section 224, cant believe how fast tickets sold out

I attempted to get tickets this morning, was sitting there watching the clock tick, as soon as it hit on sale I clicked for 2 tickets right at 10:00 and nadda, was instantly sold out… and my girlfriend was even willing to go, what a total drag!

I will most certainly be there. Section 103 Row 9. Was a quite a panic inducing cluster when the presale started. all of a sudden couldn’t make transaction happen on laptop. After switching to mobile device, could find decent selection throughout that morning. Would love to see more wrestling events be promoted with this sort of subscriber-only presale, as I think it curtailed a lot of, if not all, scalper/resale activity,

On another note, and probably better served in its own thread, did anyone else join honor club for the month just to secure tickets? I did and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed with the service. I’m sure getting the annual membership is much better, but was figuring I’ll be able to get a taste of what having Honor Club would be like. Instead, finding no use for it.

Honor Clubs best value (to me) is airing the live shows from tours that are not PPV. Outside of those it’s too complicated to navigate to make use of the library they’ve added which is limited anyway from my u derstanding.

Would also be curious how many folks joined this month for the presale. Great question