Ronda Rousey denies she will be at the Royal Rumble

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Ronda Rousey spoke to TMZ and stated that she will not be at the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

In the brief clip, Rousey stated that she was on her way to Colombia to shoot the “Mile 22” movie and will not be returning until mid-February.

She added that she has not put “pen to paper” and signed anything yet with the WWE.

Oh she’s already a worker I see. I’m not ruling it out.

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She should avoid asking Mark Wahlberg supplement advice…allegedly.

we’ll see on sunday if she worked TMZ.

She’ll be out of the country, but in the Universe

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I think it would be ridiculous to have Rousey as a surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble. That’s something that you would want to promote ahead of time to try and get as many eyeballs on the show as possible. So I tend to believe this story. Would I be surprised if she shows up to interfere in the match, no; but I would be shocked at the the missed opportunity if she ends up in the Rumble match at this point.

Well, I mean… why would she? He’s not an athlete and she has been one most of her life. That would be like Neil deGrasse Tyson asking Donald Trump advice on astropshysics. Just doesn’t make any sense.

I can see the logic in her being a surprise entrant as I can’t imagine the bump in numbers would be that big for a Rumble appearance compared to the newsworthiness of her arrival and victory, leading to a match at WrestleMania. Sure, her being there will interest people and get eyes on the product but the story loses steam quicker if they announce it ahead of time. Working the fans and press and then building towards a Mania match gets WWE more press after the fact.

But A level athletes still ask bodybuilders for tips on aesthetics.

He’s not a body builder though. He’s an actor.

You see him tho?

He’s not nearly as shredded as pretty much any of the guys in the Fast & the Furious franchise. Or the MCU Chris’… and she knows The Rock already.

Also, Ronda needs no help with aesthetics.

Well she’s not working with Rock is she? :triumph:

Anyways…it was initially a joke.

Film is directed by Peter Berg, he films fast. She could show up easily.

Aren’t jokes meant to be funny? :kissing_heart:

Would be if people here had a sense of humor and didn’t take everything literal.

Just admit it wasn’t a funny joke dude. I knew it was supposed to be funny, you just missed the mark. No need to get grumpy about it.

Can’t miss a mark if the target was moved into an entirely different room.