Ronda Rousey outlines original plans with WWE and her future

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In her latest video blog, Ronda Rousey discussed the original plans she had with WWE and how they adjusted along the way.

Rousey said she was initially going to work with WWE through November 2018 and then attempt to start a family with Travis Browne. After winning the Raw women’s title and the possibility of headlining WrestleMania came about, she opted to stick around through ‘Mania to work with Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair.

During the three-way match at WrestleMania, she broke her right pinkie finger, which required surgery. Rousey will have a cast on for another four weeks and had two pins inserted.

Her plan is to start a family with Browne and doesn’t know what her future holds regarding a return to WWE.

Yet that piece of work called out Meltzer for reporting this months ago. I hate Ronda the person - she’s just a terrible human being

I hate the person I’ve never met…way to get worked. LoL

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Rather this was the truth or not and obviously it was the truth, i doesn’t change the fact that meltzer was out of line for reporting that months ago. He’s suppose to be serious journalist and when into tabloid territory with this report which and it made him look like he would write anything to get a new member to pay for the newsletter.

So i don’t blame ronda to be mad at metlzer back then because it her personal life and she as the right to keep it secret if she wants to

I don’t think he was out of line. He was just reporting what turned out to be true. It wasn’t like he reported something unrelated to her work she was having an affair etc.

This was directly about her personal life and how it would effect her work life (ie she would leave after WM). I think it’s fair game

Ronda can be upset it was reported but Meltzer was in no way was out of line reporting it. That’s what journalists do.