Ronda Rousey says Bruce Prichard & John Laurinaitis can 'go f*ck themselves', calls WWE a sh*t show & does not intend on going back

Originally published at Ronda Rousey says Bruce Prichard & John Laurinaitis can 'go f*ck themselves', calls WWE a sh*t show & does not intend on going back

Candid thoughts about WWE from Ronda Rousey. 

To promote her ‘Our Fight: A Memoir’ book, Ronda Rousey appeared on LiveSigning for a ‘Never Before Told’ session. 

She spoke candidly about WWE’s Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis and said they can go f*ck themselves. Rousey added that she talked a lot about Prichard and Laurinaitis in her book but there were limitations word-wise, or else she would’ve continued going on her ‘f*ck these old bastards quest’. 

In MMA, I originally just started them (beef) for publicity but, those other b*tches did not get the memo and so they became personal and in WWE, it’s all fake, I love them. Except for Bruce Prichard and John Laurinaitis. They can go f*ck themselves. That’s real. 

The only thing that really held me back was the number of words I was allowed to have in this book. We were contractually held to 90,000 words and I was going to talk so much more sh*t, especially about John Laurinaitis and Bruce Prichard. But our editor said we had to streamline everything and not take a detour on the f*ck these old bastards quest. So, there was a lot more to it but I had to basically get down to the meat and potatoes in this…

When asked about unexpected things people might read about in the book, Rousey mentioned her concussion history and that leading to her retiring from MMA. Another one of those things is Rousey explaining how WWE is a sh*t show backstage. 

She added that she does not have to hold back unlike those that are held captive there, adding that she does not intend on going back to WWE and does not need anything from them. 

Another (unexpected thing people can read in my book) is my concussion history that I had to keep secret for years so that I’d be able to continue to compete and perform and is basically why I had to retire and another thing that people don’t know, oh God… behind the scenes? Oh yeah. How much of an absolute sh*t show it is at the WWE… they can’t hold the sword over my head and hold me hostage with my own career and I don’t need anything from them and I don’t intend on going back so I can actually say everything that I think and feel where everybody else that is still held captive by their organization cannot.

In November, Rousey wrestled at an ROH on HonorClub taping and tagged with Marina Shafir to take on Billie Starkz and ROH Women’s World Champion Athena. 

Rousey’s last match for WWE was at SummerSlam where she fell in defeat to Shayna Baszler in an MMA Rules match. 

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Kinda rich to bash WWE now but had no problem getting a huge paycheck. Would have meant more if you didn’t do a whole 180 on Saudi

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I can’t say I’m shocked by these comments.You always have to take comments like this in the wrestling industry with a grain of salt, especially when there is a book to sell, but nothing I have read sounds off.

This is the “old guard” that I expect to be completely gone sooner then later. Obviously Vince, Kevin Dunn, and Johnny are gone and I feel its only a matter of time until Bruce Pritchard is gone.

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I don’t put Bruce Pritchard in the same bag even though he’s an old timer.

If we’re talking morality wise, at this point I agree because I haven’t heard anything about him being involved in the sexual assault allegations.

Creatively, I list him because those four have been pretty much the pillars of WWE for decades behind the scenes.

I wonder what she thinks about Dana slapping his wife.

Ronda is a nut job. Absolutely zero stock in anything she says

Best promo she’s cut in years.

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I see where you are coming from, Ronda is hit or miss with stuff like this. Based on what we know of Vince, I can’t say anything she is saying sounds far fetched. I completely understand your reservations though.

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I’m guessing Ronda was cool with Vince when she got got to main event Mania and then not have to job clean.

Yes I mean, I have always heard he was getting along with the wrestlers but that’s it.

Ronda is all about Ronda. She’s so stupid that she was mad at fans that booed her and mean mugged a face promo.

I’m sure Vince and Bruce and all of them are scum but she’s an idiot