Ronda Rousey writing script for Netflix film about her life

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Rousey is adapting her memoirs into a movie for Netflix. 

It was first noted by Deadline that Ronda Rousey closed a deal to adapt the script for her own biopic at Netlfix that would be based on her memoirs, My Fight/Your Fight and Our Fight. 

Rousey took to Instagram and commented on it: 

Five years ago when @paulheyman asked me what kind of movie I’d want to star in, I finally stopped taking a passive approach to my acting career and wrote my first screenplay with my thumbs in my phone’s note app in an unexpected 11 hour writing binge (it was god awful lol). Since then I’ve become obsessed with the craft and have been devouring every book, masterclass and YouTube video on the subject I could get my hands on. Screenwriting became integral to my mental health, any time my thoughts strayed somewhere self destructive, I would consciously aim them at whatever screenplay I was working on to turn that negative energy into something creative. At a certain point I hit a wall with how far I could take my screenwriting education on my own and begged my agent of 12 years, @bslater9 to help me get an internship as a reader for WME. Brad hooked me up with @adamnovak9999 the head of the WME story department who has since become my Yoda and curated a custom list of scripts to cover to further my education (yes I am still an intern and never plan to stop). 30+ coverages later, I was working on my 4th screenplay when @bslater9 suggested to me. “Hey, I think the reason you’ve become obsessed with screenwriting is you were meant to write your own biopic”. For eight days straight during my book tour from when I was done doing media until 2am I churned out the first draft of my life story up until my @UFC debut. I sent it to @bslater9 to get his notes and he loved it so much he and @roggreen took the cover page off and handed it off to @Netflix 😱 Now we’ve got a handshake deal that will hopefully be signed soon! This really is a dream come true, I’ve been so self conscious of my writing that I never mentioned it until my last book came out because it played such a huge role in my ability to heal and find joy. Hopefully this is the beginning a new chapter that doesn’t require beating the hell out of my body 😅. I can’t wait to knock this project out of the park and prove everyone right who believed in me, and not just that but to share my story with the world that literally took a lifetime of blood, sweat, tears and passion to write.🙏🏼❤️

Rousey interned for WME’s Story Department.

I remember on ultimate fighter when Shayna Bayzler lost, Ronda felt the other side was acting out of line because they were happy they won and had a meltdown.

I would put money on it that in this movie Ronda is going to portray everyone else as the villain in every single scenario as that’s just how she sees the world when things don’t go her way.