Ronda Rousey's debut match at WrestleMania confirmed

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During the opening segment of Raw on Monday night, it was made official that Ronda Rousey will team with Kurt Angle against Stephanie McMahon and Triple H.

The match was set up by Angle with the storyline reason that Rousey could choose her opponent for WrestleMania from a member of the active roster. Rousey chose Stephanie McMahon to be her opponent and they used a legitimate fact to book the match with Angle explaining that McMahon has a contract as both an executive and as a performer.

Angle then added Triple H and himself to the match to make it a mixed tag match.

WrestleMania 34 takes place on Sunday, April 8th at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana.

While it is a big time match I am worried in terms of quality. This is Ronda’s first match, Step isn’t a wrestler, Triple H has the tendency to over do it at times and Angle hasn’t really performed on such a big stage in years. Hopefully it will get plenty rehearsals beforehand.

Yeah its relying on HHH to carry it. They’ll have enough bells and whistles to make it decent enough though. I assume it’ll be Angle selling for HHH for an extended period before he gets a hot tag and Rousey destroys Steph in seconds. That’s what I’d do anyways.

I’m all for this. WrestleMania is a variety show, and this fills the ‘celebrity involvement’, ‘Steph getting her comeuppance’ and ‘HHH star power’ tick boxes perfectly.

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If Steph is a real McMahon…she’ll let Ronda break her arm…for the business.

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I think this is pretty damn lame, but I guess they didn’t want Rhonda having a ‘wrestling clinic’ on her first night and at Mania. Better than a pillow fight and everything else they were doing a few years back.

Wrestling clinic…unless it’s a grappling exhibition…I seriously doubt we would get any “wrestling clinic” out of Ronda Rousey at this point in a career that just started. Unless you think wrestling is easy.

Matt Riddle says hello…

It’s Mania and it’s about the spectacle, so I’m looking forward to it.

Using an outlier to prove nothing is just pigeon pecking.

Or you actually think pro wrestling is so easy, anyone can pick it up that quick?

No, I’m saying people with heavy MMA/Amateur Wresting backgrounds generally pick up on pro-wrestling quicker. They have the ‘fight camp’ work ethic already built-in and are a lot more competitive. Brock, Angle and Riddle are key examples of this. Look at how great they got in a short amount of time.

Teaching people who have spent the majority of their life never selling pain and putting themselves in positions that could lose them a competition to do the exact opposite isn’t easy.

But hey, Riddle and Brock and Angle picked it up incredibly well (and incredibly fast). Tom Lawlor and Shayna Baszler aren’t doing so bad either. The proof is there.

I completely agree that MMA fighters can tend to pick up wrestling quickly, I still don’t think they were outstanding the first year in. I think Ronda has potential to be great but further down the line when she’s worked with a range of opponents.

I imagine they’ll also be a couple of moments where Steph gets in a cheap shot on Ronda before running away, to heat up that moment when Ronda finally gets her hands on her, judo throws her through the floor and then pulls her arm off. If she’s not off TV for at least the same amount she was last year following the table spot in Rollins/HHH, I’ll be pissed.

I feel like they’re anomalies and not the rule…Shayna Baszler is my favorite act in NXT, best use of arrogance and bully after Brock Lesnar imo.

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We haven’t always agreed @Deezy but you’re totally right. She’s the best female Brock on the roster and that’s including Rousey and Asuka