Ronda Rousey's next WWE appearance scheduled for later this month

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It was announced during Monday’s episode of Raw that Ronda Rousey will be making her next WWE appearance at the Elimination Chamber event on Sunday, February 25th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Kurt Angle announced that Rousey will be attending the event to sign her “Monday Night Raw contract”.

It will be Rousey’s first appearance since her debut at the Royal Rumble last month.

The Elimination Chamber event is taking place at the T-Mobile Arena, which is the same arena where Rousey last fought at UFC 207 in December 2016 and was stopped by Amanda Nunes in the opening round of their bantamweight title fight.

Rousey has been in Colombia since the Royal Rumble, filming the movie “Mile 22” and stated she would be returning to the United States in mid-February from the project.

If she hasn’t signed a contract then what was the deal at the rumble? I gotta say, as someone who doesn’t watch MMA, having her point at sign and write her name isn’t getting me excited.

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This is her “Monday Night Raw” contract. They’ve already announced that she signed a WWE contract.

…and down in Louisville, Jim Cornette sheds a single, presumably greasy tear.

WWE and countless “analysts” fail to understand how far her star fell as a result of her behavior following her losses. Exhibit number one: First RAW following her debut was down in female viewers compared to the previous weeks (No one knew if she was going to be on that episode and no females tuned in to see if she might show up) This could be an epic fail for WWE.

Star only fell to the MMA fanboys who hated her because she didn’t shake Miesha Tates hand and held a grudge over her stardom and the UFC pushing her as the face of WMMA.

Now I can see the rasslin fanboys are going to follow suit because of some supposed slight of “taking the spotlight away” from Asuka who is being pushed harder than prime Goldberg.

If anything it put more spotlight on Asuka.

Ronda Rousey currently has an estimated net worth of $10,000,000.

I think she and WWE will be fine, mate.

Disagree. I’m referring to her embarrassing, unrelatable appearance on Ellen which isn’t exactly a hotbed of MMA fanboys.

Here’s reality: show a photo of Rhonda to 10 completely random people on the street. I’d be stunned if 2 out of 10 could correctly identify her. (Probably 1 person could but 0 wouldn’t be surprising)

Outside of major Hollywood stars, how would that be unusual? I don’t watch the NFL, I couldn’t identify a single current star name; that doesn’t prove that Such Andsuch from the Dallas Cowboys wouldn’t move the needle for their WWE debut. That same test could be performed on the entire WWE roster from the start of time and I’m betting you’d get the same kind of response for The Rock and Hogan, and you’d be surprised by how few random people on the street don’t know Stone Cold from Alex Ferguson.

WWE are hoping that Ronda will bring a segment of her fanbase with her and just because a random person on the street that doesn’t know who she is, doesn’t know who she is, doesn’t mean that she won’t achieve that. They’re not trying to entice the people that don’t know Ronda, their trying to entice the ones that do.

Female viewership being down, however factually accurate that is, shouldn’t just be laid at Ronda’s feet either. The WWE just had their first ever Women’s Royal Rumble and you’re telling me that event turned female viewers off from the product? Then WWE is in trouble with that audience, with or without Ronda.

LOL…number 7 most google searched athlete last year…didn’t even have a fight that year. - Meltzer

Report back when you show ten people her picture…the fact she was on Ellen (show I never watched, but won’t deny it’s mainstream appeal) sure doesn’t make your claim any more valid.

You are the epitome of a dolt.

Gave you statistical fact…and I get an insult…enjoy your L.