Rousey VS Baszler

With Ronda currently feuding with Stephanie, could we get the storyline where Baszler is used as Steph’s henchwoman?

They can say that Baszler is jealous of Ronda’s success and that’s how Steph is able to get her to turn on her friend

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Doubt Ronda could convey betrayal at this point.

Still a work in progress when it comes to acting.

I had the same thought but I’m pretty sure they will keep Baszler in NXT for a while. It is an obvious program somewhere down the line though

I’d like to see Rhonda and Baszler team up for a while first. Then have a big feud after a while. But who knows the way the book the women is so stupid. See Carmella cashing in ruining all the momentum Charlotte built up

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There’s a potential WWE Horsewomen vs. MMA Horsewomen feud that’s been teased several times, you don’t endanger that by having Rousey and Baszler at odds. Especially when their already doing the Sasha/Bayley tension. You get to promote how much of a unit the MMA girls are compared to the infighting between Sasha, Bayley, Charlotte and Becky.

Aside from that Baszler’s not ready to carry Rousey in a match yet and Rousey’s not ready to not get carried.

I don’t see Baszler being called up to the main roster for another year but i do see somebody being Stephanie’s Henchwomen since i have no interest in seeing a Ronda/Stephanie singles match.

While it may pop the MMA fans, I don’t think it would be the right opponent for her right now. She needs to be in there with someone way better she can improve. Baszler is still improving herself.

This should be a long-term thing with both women knocking the sh*t out of people leading to the feud. Though I do like the idea of Baszler being jealous at Rousey for being gifted a spot on the main roster at Wrestlemania while she had to earn her way onto the main show. We all know why that was the case but would still be good.

MMA bros hated them both.

Be interesting to see what happens with Sonya Deville, maybe if the WWE had a bit of foresight, they could have built her up strong ready for a henchwomen role.

Totally agree with seeing Ronda and Baszler team up, and then have Baszler eventually turn on Ronda down the road because she’s tired of playing second fiddle (or Baszler is like the Arn Anderson to Ric Flair of the group and plays the enforcer for forever). I totally disagree with Charlotte losing momentum. Charlotte didn’t lose in a real fight, and I think when the rematch comes Charlotte will regain the title and continue her dominance. If WWE has Carmella carry the title for a while and stop Charlotte from regaining even once, then I’m on board with you.

I was thinking the same stable feud. And Kurt could manage the MMA horsewomen and Ric Flair could manage the WWE horsewomen

This is like 2 years too early. When the match happens, I really hope Stephanie isn’t involved at all.