Royal Rumble 1992. 3 Bigger stars at once on their own in a rumble

Apart from the final 4 was there ever 3 men in the ring by themselves bigger than Flair,Piper and Roberts during a rumble match

By the way Flair going from number 3 seemed a way bigger deal than Edge going from number 1 this year,waaaaaay bigger.
Possibly because Edge had Cole to Flair’s Heenan

Don’t know a whole lot about wrestling in the early 90s but from someone who started watching in 99/00, this is how I view the three you mentioned as far as being a star -

Ric Flair was a big star. Piper was a couple of levels below and Jake Roberts a couple of levels below that.

There have been some great ones. 1997 wasn’t it Bret and UT and SCSA and Vader? That would be hard to top

1992 has massive names for sure and for a long time was the standard. But the ending of 1997 has huge names as well

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The 92 final four was stacked: Flair, Hogan, Savage and Sid

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It was Austin, Bret Hart, Diesel and Undertaker. No less impressive considering Diesel’s position at the time. Vader was the fifth person left too.

The other stacked Royal Rumble was 2002 which was the only rumble to have Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Triple H and Kane all in the match. But I don’t think they were in the ring at the same time because Taker got the quick “surprise” elimination from Maven.

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