Royal Rumble 2020 Live Thread

Not the feedback thread

I wasn’t gonna watch the pregame show but I don’t think I can make it with the Kobe news, Rest In Peace to a legend. I’m not ashamed to admit when I cry so I shed a few tears for his family.

With that said looks like Sheamus/Shorty G and the US Title are on kickoff duties

No hard cam during the pre show. Very hard to follow the matches for me.

For the life of me, I couldn’t tell you who is in the US Title Match… challenger or champion.

EDIT: Damnit, I even watched that ladder match and couldn’t come up with Andrade.

Glad to see Tom Philips getting some love this week. He saved us from 3 hours of rap references yesterday and now is in for Vic Joseph it looks like tonight.

To do the 2nd preshow match this early either means we get a big angle at the end or Braun winning the IC tile in a surprise

Really great falls count anywhere match. One of the best I’ve seen in a while.

Match was a bit long and they don’t have a woman to call the 30 man rumble, even if Beth is in it let her surprise from the booth

A tradition unlike any other the Post Wrestling twitter account being 15 seconds ahead of me on entrants.

That Otis spot was awesome

Otis is awesome. I really want an Otis/Lesnar showdown.

That Otis spot was a fun and inventive moment, his elimination spot with Mandy and Sonya was good too.

I love how they’ve booked Bianca so far in this. I hope they keep her in till the end.

I think this is an excellent Rumble so far. Really well booked.

I discontinued the WWE Network the day after Summerslam after being a day one subscriber. I stopped watching Raw and Smackdown, keeping up with it via online recaps if I remembered to. The Royal Rumble has been a favorite event of mine for over 30 years, so I reactivated my network subscription to watch it.

After watching up to this Charlotte Flair entrance, I regret it. This show stinks and I don’t like it.

I’m hoping Bliss got her hands to take the most of that hit. As soon as she landed it’s pretty bad the first thought is, “Oh crap did her bell just get rung again?”

This has been a well put together Rumble. Bianca killed it and was happy to see Naomi back

Agree. Glad Bianca got as much as she did. Naomi coming back is great. Beth looks like she is cut badly though.

I will say a little disappointing with the late entrants. You’d think we’d get more surprises than NXT people

They’re going to have to Lysol the top of that barricade…ewwww

I’ve really enjoyed this match but Santino was a real low point.


This is feeling like a bit of an old fashioned royal rumble… hittin all the same beats. Enjoyable moments, but the Santino bit felt a bit tone deaf.

ugh, charlotte. ugh

6/10 women’s royal rumble