Opening up a thread for anyone that wants to chat about the card as it is happening.

Will pop in here throughout the show.

We will be live right after the event ends.


Sort of sucks that’s it’s opening with the men’s rumble

Confirms likely

-no Sami winning
-no surprise winner
-no major surprises at all

I assume this telegraphs a winner that is either Cody or Orton etc. Sami probably isn’t even in it as he’s “focused” on the Roman match

On the plus side assume Roman vs Owens has a crazy ending - maybe Sami costs Roman the title?

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That’s what I was thinking, Sami turn incoming!!

I’m shocked that the Men’s Rumble is jerking the curtain. To me, that just devalues the men’s rumble by positioning it at that spot.

Plus side… maybe the women’s rumble will be more exciting than expected?

(That’s probably the main event, right? Owens/Roman can’t follow TWO Rumbles. Flair/Steamboat wouldn’t get a crowd reaction if it followed two hour-long Rumbles.)

And for those counting at home, the men’s graphic they just showed had 27 guys on it. So only three “surprises”, which I’m guessing means two NXT guys and maybe Randy Orton.

Yeah it pretty much guarantees a Cody win and no big stars or surprises. I hope I’m wrong though. The card does look good overall

No it closes Owens Vs Reigns

Which means maybe Sami costs him title

Just to go on the record for my own whatever… I do think there’s a way to have Sami win with the match going first. But I really don’t think it’s happening.

But If I were placing a real bet, Cody is the only person worth picking. Anyone else is a shot in the dark.

The other thing to consider is Vince exerting his power and Brock winning :joy:

Wow that reaction for Gargano was sad lol

Was just thinking “so we know everybody who’s in before Brock won’t be there at the end”… and here we go.

God is there anything worse than watching Dominik struggling to rip this mask?


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The match has been fine but it just shows the lack of depth with the men’s roster. Yikes

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I’m not a big fan of Cody coming in so late and winning. That won’t get the fans behind him

I’m not convinced that there’s a good way to do a full 30-man Rumble anymore. That was a pretty good Rumble, but it was not commensurate with being 71 minutes long… especially not when there’s another one coming later. I think that’s why I liked the 2020 Rumble more than most with Brock at #1. At least they found something different to do.

I liked it. So much better than last year. Just this roster is lacking in a lot of ways. But it was fun, way better than recent years

At least it was a better Mens Rumble than last year’s dogshit.

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Time for John’s most anticipated match of the year