Royal Rumble Discussion Thread (not a contest)

Just starting the general Rumble thread. Obviously there will be overlap with the various other “contest-based” threads going on, but this is meant for more general chatter about the event.

I’m starting to get really hopeful for the Brock/Balor match. The fact that Brock was willing to work (and even bump) on a Monday night makes me think that he’s motivated to have a really good match. And Finn’s pay-per-view/main event matches are usually pretty solid.

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He knows who he can have a good match with. That’s all he’s looking for.

Is anyone in Phoenix? I just got in last night

I’m pretty sure Finn/Brock is closing the show because if Finn WERE booked to win, you know they’d main event the show with it.

I’m not sure why everyone is so certain that Brock is winning. WWE almost always books the opposite when everyone goes “yeah, yeah, yeah whatever X wins, next”. PLUS, everyone’s forgetting that Brock wasn’t supposed to be champion right now. All of this is overtime. They could just have Brock drop it and move forward with where they were supposed to be. Who even knows if Brock is gonna be at Mania. A few months back we were counting every Brock appearance as his last for a year or so. Now we’ve all just dropped that because Roman’s out. But that doesn’t mean that Brock is doing anything beyond a short extra run as a favor to Vince and for major money.

Random predictions that are out on a ledge:
Roman Reigns returns
Shayna Baszler wins the rumble and faces Asuka
Undertaker enters the Rumble and is confronted by Alestir Black
The Velvateen Dream debuts and lasts a long time with some big eliminations

Gosh if Roman Reigns returns you are going to hear the loudest pop in history. In saudi Arabia they predict that Yokozuna will be a surprise entrant.

Has anyone else seen this great video of Sasha training for Ronda?

Why does WWE need five hours of TV a week when their 10 minute YouTube videos are always amazing and do a great job building up matches.


That’s what I call a promo. You don’t need all these scripts ! That makes it feel like a real sport.

Bock vs FInn should be a good match but really hard to think (WWE) would want Finn main event mania a anew York media frenzy onw, maybe if seth wins the rumble and can do that match again not really a main casual audience craving for Finn main eventing Mania so if he does win he will be a transitional and drop it on raw or something or feb or march ppv.

as far as out there predictions I think HBK will be an entrance he could even win and they could do him and AJ or Daniel Bryan at mania.

they could also have triple H come out and one eliminates the other to set up a match at mania between the two

or even taker comes out and set up hbk vs taker 3 at mania one last time ever ever ever!!!

I had no idea that Gable and Bobby Roode are the tag champs.

The guy who is facing the hard camera in the front row with a cap was also front row for takeover phoenix.

Likewise. I also had no idea they’re both using Roode’s gimmick now.

That singlet Becky was wearing made her ass look fantastic.

It’s that guy with the red hair and cap the same guy that sits in that spot at every PPV?

Pollock is having a conniption over the math…“the Riott Squad still has a 66% chance of winning after Liv Morgan’s elimination”