Royal Rumble Kickoff Show matches announced

*Bobby Roode open challenge for the US Title
*The Bálor Club vs. The Revival
*Gran Metalik, Kalisto & Lince Dorado vs. Drew Gulak, Jack Gallagher & TJP

I’m hoping that for some of those guys that this won’T be the only thing they would get book for because, that’s a lot of talent being wasted on the kickoff and guys like Bobby Roode and the Balor club would bring so much to the rumble match itself as far as star power is concern.

Also, kinda feel bad for the cruiserweight since they probably are going to get the famous empty arena match that we always get on those long kickoff shows.

We all agree that the open challenge will be answered by Ziggler, right?


I couldn’t care less for Ziggler right now. What would be the point of re-doing Roode/Ziggler right now. I agree that’s likely what will happen though.

I’m genuinely hoping that Dolph’s not coming back and is just sitting out his contract quietly. Dude’s been stale for years at this point and needs to refresh.

Guess I have to watch the Kickoff if The Revival are in it.

Also Dolph has always been a generic create a wrestler…stale isn’t his problem, being a Stranger Things cosplayer and HBKlone are his problem.

Most unique thing about him is his name.

They should have the tag match be for entry in to the Rumble Match, give it some kind of interest.