Royal rumble pool

How did everyone do in their picks?
I think I did pretty good except for surprise entrants.
I put dreamer, bubba Ray and ec3, for women’s I picked katyln, Ronda and Steph
I hit both winner, picked Finn second, had finn and Sasha going longest

Honestly there were so many picks (13 pages!) in the Rumble pool I don’t even remember most of the predictions I made.

I know I predicted the two winners correctly but I don’t think I got much else right. Is there anywhere to go and see what my picks were?


Lol, same. I did pretty good but I don’t totally remember

I know I got the final three right for the Mens Rumble and the winner of the Womens. I cant remember all my picks though

Im pretty confident I killed this pool

Don’t remember all my picks… figured they’d be e-mailed to us since we had to enter it.

I can’t really remember all my picks, but I no I had shinsuke and Asuka, winning. Had balor longest and #2. Think I had Trish as surprise? How do we find out results??

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I won my pool! I had horrible numbers but I had number 14. Nakamura. Took home 140 dollars (it was my house so I was already home). My other buddy won the womens pool.

I don’t remember all my picks either. I have to admit it was disappointing I didn’t get any confirmation with a copy of my picks for the pool, but that’s okay, growing pains right?

Now the question is, when do we get to see the results of the pool, will I ever see my picks for this year again? lol


Is it too late for me to get my picks in?

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I’ve also been disappointed I can’t find them. I think I did great!
Had Balor as Iron Man
Both winners
Balor as 2nd
Becky as 2nd
Sasha as first and iron woman

I just can’t remember where they were in terms of ranking them

We announced all the results on tonight’s RAR (skip to 1:41:00 if you just wanna hear them):

And if you’re really impatient:

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Thanks for info Wai, will you guys be releasing a list with everyone ranked at any stage? Think people would liked to see what position they finished as we can’t remember all of our picks.

Holy shit, that’s a lot of entrants!

Post wrestling evidently going pretty well, hey? I hope it eventually makes you and John rich :slight_smile:

That’s a question for Chris. It seems like a pretty large task as I believe the calculations were done manually this year.

Does Chris have a twitter? Or can he be tagged into this? I realise it’s a big task, but I assume he has a list with everyone’s final score as he was able to see who the top 3 were?

Real question though, is the Adam Neely that won THE Adam Neely? If so I hope he just plays The Lick when you call him.

Crap! I didnt win! Congrats to the winners though…

Chris has been kind enough to supply me with everybody’s pool results. For the sake of privacy, if you’d like to know how you did, send me a DM and I’ll respond with your score.