Rules released for NXT's Global Heritage Invitational

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NXT is launching a Global Heritage Invitational tournament next week with the winner receiving a shot at the Heritage Cup.

The tournament was announced during Tuesday’s Heatwave special after Noam Dar regained the Heritage Cup by beating Nathan Frazer

The rules of the tournament were released on Wednesday’s episode of The Bump.

The round-robin tournament will consist of eight wrestlers in two blocks and the two block winners will meet on the September 26 episode of NXT. That winner will challenge Noam Dar for the Heritage Cup on September 30 at NXT No Mercy in Bakersfield, California.

The round-robin matches will each have a 12-minute time limit with a pin or submission win generating two points, one point for a draw, and zero points for a loss.

The participants have not been revealed yet.

So it’s a smaller G1 Climax, or at least how the G1 Climax used to be sized, if I remember what was discussed in the episodes of Cruel Summer.

NXT is the perfect place to try this. And then if it works and brings in a lot of interest for the promotion then the main roster could try it.

I could see a debut when the brackets are revealed.