Rumble Scenerio I Hope To See

So, #1 and #2 are whoever, doesnt really matter as long as they arent too great and can be eliminated quick.

#3 Elias

He comes out and eliminates the first 2 entrants and then proceeds to play a song.

#4 Apollo Crews(any other loser) he comes out and gets quickly disposed of. Elias continues playing.

#5 Xavier Woods(any other loser) he also gets eliminated quick. Elias continues playing.

#6 The Sandman(or another ECW star we havent seen in a while) the crowd goes nuts for their ECW guy, but he gets eliminated quick as well. Elias continues playing.

#7 John Cena Cena stops the run of Elias. They go at it for a bit until…

#8 The Miz Right as Miz gets near the ring, Cena elminates Elias and while Elias distracts Cena, Miz dumps Cena out of the ring.

So pretty much the scenario from 2010(?) where Punk started cutting promos after each elimination until Hunter came…

I’d like to see the number 1 guy be someone with a name, not just a loser like [insert 205 Live wrestler here], so we get a hot start to the rumble. Or at least number 3, since it’s the first time we’ll get a countdown.

If Danielson is indeed not in the rumble, number 30 should be saved for Miz (or Cena since he gets booed anyway in Philly)

Yea, I was thinking of the Punk scenerio and I loved it, thats why I wanted to see this.

Anyone thinking there is even a tiny chance that Daniel Bryan is going to be in the Rumble, is a moron and Miz should definitely not be wasted on the #30 spot. Miz should be the iron man this year. I dont think they should worry about who #30 is, just because of some delusional fans. I’d like to see a surprise at 30, not a main roster guy that we are expecting and we’re just waiting 90 seconds for after #29 comes out.

I loved CM Punk’s 2010 rumble, too bad Hunter had to ruin the fun (again!)

I mean, everyone with some common sense should ignore those rumours, but since those got so much hype that even Meltzer and Alvarez talked about them more than once and made its way into the newsletter, maybe WWE has to put him in. Maybe there is a way where Cena throws him out via AA and a bunch of people catch him. I dunno.

Don’t know why Miz should be the iron man. He was third in terms of in-ring time last year and the iron man 2012. The number 30 spot in the wrong city can ruin a babyface. Just imagine Rey Mysterio in 2014(?). Therefore put a heel in this position, who can benifit from the heat or Jason Jordan so the smarks are going insane and since he seems bound to turn, it would be the right place. If it’s a surprise it has to be a big one, I’m not sure if an ECW guy like Sandman could wash away the disappointment of not having Danielson in the rumble.

Even though that Elias is now in a feud with John Cena, I would like to see him come out as Number 1 (He’s more over with his pre-match antics) and Aiden English comes out at Number 2 and they have a sing off.

TBH, I thought that this would have happened at last years Survivor Series.

I’d be happy with Elias singing a song and eliminating 2-3 guys in between

Rumble Scenerio I Hope To See

But since he won the IWGP Intercontinental title, I’ll settle with my second choice.The New GM of 205 Live…