Rumor: John Cena And Daniel Bryan Refusing To Work In Saudi Arabia, Conflicting Reports On Reigns' Status

Wouldn’t shock me if Cena & Bryan were the vocal ones

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If it’s anyone it’ll be them. Cena’s focused on his movie career right now and he has more to lose than just about anyone else.

Plus Cena is the only one that wouldn’t get any punishment from Vince I see Daniel being principled enough but he will be on the dog house for a very long time no WWE title or major mania spot if he goes through with it.

I was wondering what took so long to finally hear from Daniel Bryan. I guess someone is finally man enough to speak up.

I guess the rest of the wrestlers are all too greedy to say anything and risk being punished financially or not getting pushed.

They probably feel that they’re in the best position to stand up for themselves. I bet many others are afraid of what would happen to their spot if they stood up.