Rumor: Rob Gronkowski considering retirement and going into WWE developmental

So I seen different articles regarding Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski. Seems like he is seriously considering going into WWE after football. Question is will he retire now or in a year or two. Would WWE legitimately give this guy a shot even with his injury and concussion history? And if they do. He does seem to have a lot of charisma to go with his athletic ability. Anyone think he would be able to be somebody in the WWE?

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Gronk has 2 years left on a 6 year 54 million dollar deal and he’ll make around 9 or 10 million in each of these last 2 years coming up. Might not be likely he passes that up.

I’m sure his homie Mojo is pulling him hard. Mojo actually got his foot in the door with WWE via Gronk’s dad as Papa Gronk and Mr. Rotunda, I.R.S. played football together at Syracuse. I’m sure Rob will at least get a shot at wrestling. I’m just gonna guess it’ll be 2 years from now after the football contract is over.

He and Mojo could certainly be the ultimate version of the Hype Bros. Team them up with some ‘rosebuds’ and create the ultimate frat boy party train.

I’m on record predicting Gronk 1000% does a WWE stint, if at least one match with Mojo. His dad got Mojo in the door and I believe the family is well connected to the business.

Also, I won my buddy 400$ betting Mojo 40-1 to win the battle royal last year @ Mania based on my premise that Gronk would be involved since Sportscenter was there w: Coachman. I was right then, I’ll be right now.

Consider the number of performers WWE will have to draw on in future years - Rock, Gronk, Rousey, Lesner, Cena, and a continuously growing all star roster if the best talent in the world. This is why Fox may legit give them 400mil

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