Rumoured Wrestlemania 34 Card (Potential Spoilers)

If that’s the rumored card is exact, i might actually Skip watching this show live this year and just watch the replay on the network because outside of the main event, their nothing that’S truly excites me about this card.

The last thing i want to see is Taker making a joke out of his legacy by having yet another mania match after the send off he got last. Alexa vs nia doesn’t draw me.

I like the idea of Asuka vs charlotte and Aj vs nakamura will be great matches but again, that’S only 2 matches on a 5 hours card.

Reigns and Lesnar will be brutal and again i looking foward to this match but not enough to make me sit through the whole PPV to see it.

As for Jordan vs Rollins, yeah, Rollins deserve better for mania.

Finally, I’m just tired of seeing HHH wrestles and this feel like a celebrity match at best so, it will be fine as a spectacle but that’S about it

The fact (if the rumours are true) that Steph gets the rub of being in Rousey’s first wrestling match, drives me nuts. But I guess in her mind, it’s the other way around…

On the pre-show, exactly where he should be.

I don’t like the idea of Cena/Taker as it’s the match that was basically Taker/Reigns last year. That match idea was Taker passing the torch (something they keep trying with Reigns and will be trying again with the Brock match) but what would be the point of doing that with Cena who is beginning the end of his career. I won’t deny it’s a big match but I don’t feel that Taker is up to it and the retirement last year was so good I don’t want him to break it for this.
Brock/Reigns does nothing for me as we’ve seen the match and while it’ll probably be good it’s once again the christening of Reigns as the guy.
Styles/Nakamura is my main match of interest and I imagine they’ll be allowed to let loose so it should be amazing and finally be a match that shows the WWE audience what Nakamura is capable of.
I agree that Braun is above the IC title and should be used better on this show, him vs. Cena is something I’d be interested in seeing.
I don’t care about Nia Jax at all and feel it’s a bit of a waste of Alexa to have her with Nia.
I also question why debut Ronda during the end of the Rumble when the 2 champions were in the ring when the plan was to do this tag? I know you don’t want to run before you can walk with her but then don’t debut her like that and make it look like she’s after a title.

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“Somewhat”? It was a shit sandwich drizzled in piss dressing… but the set up for a second one-on-one match is there and they’ve been cooling Roman off the past couple of months.

I’m not saying it’s definitely going down the way I said though, just that I won’t be shocked if it does. I fully expect Roman/Brock and I don’t particularly want Braun/Brock (although I think they might be able to address the issues second time around and make a better match) but I could see them going in that direction without too much trouble.

So i think we’re getting the US title defended in a multi-man ladder match. Some form of Roode, Orton, Jinder, Rusev, Dolph and Corbin.

I’m still hedging my bets on Triple H & Steph vs Ronda & Braun as well.

Outside of AJ Styles at Survivor Series…Reigns was Lesnars best singles matxh of his entire run. Rather have that that another Braun match…I also thought the plan for Strowman was Miz?

Seems like a safe bet, aye.

Agreed. Reigns/Lesnar would almost definitely be the better match and they could still be going with that and Braun/Miz but given the events of the triple threat at the Rumble and certain events since, I could see Braun/Lesnar and Finn/Miz… if Miz is even there; doesn’t Mania fall right about were Maryse is due to give birth? He strikes me as the kind of guy that would want to be there for that.