Rusev: The Streak


As mentioned on Smackdown this week, Rusev has lost his last 17 pay-per-view matches. His last win by my tally was a countout victory over Big Cass on the Roadblock: End of the Line Kickoff in December 2016. Between then and now he has had…

12 main show and 5 kickoff losses comprised of 9 singles matches (including gimmick matches), 1 four-way singles, 2 tag team matches, 1 mixed tag, 1 four-way tag, 1 Money in the Bank ladder match, 2 Royal Rumbles and 8 cards where he didn’t have a match, excluding brand-split shows for the brand he wasn’t on.

And the most amazing thing (other than the amount of free time I have in the middle of a workday) is that, in this span, he has been the United States Champion and was largely considered to be the most over he’s been in his career. Happy Rusev Day!


Me too…take the useless wife with him.


Generic blond who can’t even keep her accent and corpses after taking a bump…Sunny levels right there. :roll_eyes:


The fun thing now is who will break is streak first: Rusev or Curt hawkins? My money is on Hawkins.


I want to place a wager on Curt Hawkins winning the Andre Battle Royal