Rusev: The Streak

As mentioned on Smackdown this week, Rusev has lost his last 17 pay-per-view matches. His last win by my tally was a countout victory over Big Cass on the Roadblock: End of the Line Kickoff in December 2016. Between then and now he has had…

12 main show and 5 kickoff losses comprised of 9 singles matches (including gimmick matches), 1 four-way singles, 2 tag team matches, 1 mixed tag, 1 four-way tag, 1 Money in the Bank ladder match, 2 Royal Rumbles and 8 cards where he didn’t have a match, excluding brand-split shows for the brand he wasn’t on.

And the most amazing thing (other than the amount of free time I have in the middle of a workday) is that, in this span, he has been the United States Champion and was largely considered to be the most over he’s been in his career. Happy Rusev Day!

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Me too…take the useless wife with him.

Generic blond who can’t even keep her accent and corpses after taking a bump…Sunny levels right there. :roll_eyes:

The fun thing now is who will break is streak first: Rusev or Curt hawkins? My money is on Hawkins.

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I want to place a wager on Curt Hawkins winning the Andre Battle Royal

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