Rush and Dragon Lee are done with CMLL

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On Friday night, Rush became the new ROH champion defeating Matt Taven in the main event of ROH Death Before Dishonor card. Before the evening ended, his tenure with CMLL was over.

Shortly after the pay-per-view, a video was posted with Rush and father La Bestia del Ring proclaiming themselves independent and leaving their Mexican home promotion of CMLL.

Following that video, CMLL posted a statement announcing they had cut Rush and brother Dragon Lee. It was a case of Rush announcing he was leaving and the promotion coming back to say he was fired while also cutting Lee.

Lee showed up and worked at the ROH pay-per-view as a surprise addition into the ROH Television title match with champion Shane Taylor, Tracy Williams, and Flip Gordon rather than working the CMLL anniversary card. Lee has not been booked by CMLL since he participated in last week’s PWG Battle of Los Angeles event, which is believed to have caused friction due to AAA talent appearing at BOLA, as well. This was first reported by The Cubs Fan on Luchablog.

The Crash and KAOZ promotions have already promoted dates with Rush, who will be billed as “El Toro Blanco” because of CMLL’s control of the Rush name. The Crash date is scheduled for next Saturday in Tijuana and the KAOZ date is October 20th at Arena Coliseo.

Obviously, this brings about numerous questions including ROH’s relationship with CMLL as they have Rush under contract and just put the ROH title on him.