RUSH states he and his father Bestia del Ring have quit AAA

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RUSH claims that both he and his father, Bestia del Ring, are gone from AAA.

On social media, RUSH, who signed with AEW in September 2022, stated that he and his father had parted ways with the lucha libre promotion “for the second time.” He added, “We are totally independent.”

Addressing his tag team partner LA Park, he continued:

“The day a real promoter sits down with the two of us and gives us a contract to sign, then that is when you, the fans, and myself will know it is real. Until then, everything will just be promises.”

RUSH & LA Park were scheduled to face Psycho Clown & Sam Adonis at Triplemanía Tijuana on July 15th. The losing team members were then supposed to compete against one another in a mask vs. hair match at Triplemanía Mexico City on August 12th.


— RUSH OFICIAL (@rushtoroblanco) June 10, 2023

Online lucha libre expert Luchablog left open the possibility that the situation could change, noting on Twitter: 

“The most optimistic outlook I can give to this is everyone involved is very weird and mercurial, the Tijuana show is still over a month away, they may change their mind in a week.”

After competing for CMLL for ten years, RUSH left the company in September 2019 and wrestled for AAA, MLW, and Ring of Honor, becoming a two-time ROH champion. He worked several appearances for AEW beginning in May 2022, before getting the “… IS #ALLELITE” graphic.