RUSH's ROH contract expires in January, open to fielding other offers

Originally published at RUSH's ROH contract expires in January, open to fielding other offers

The former ROH World Champion is open to hearing other offers.

After undergoing surgery in August, Ring of Honor announced that former ROH World Champion RUSH would miss the remainder of 2021. He last competed for the company at their Glory By Honor event on August 21st.

Sports Illustrated pushed out their interview with RUSH during which he provided an update on his post-surgery recovery and his contract status with ROH. RUSH’s deal expires in January and he stated that he is open to fielding other offers.

My contract expires in January. So far, we have not talked about a contract renewal. I am very grateful to ROH. I am also a man of challenges and goals, and I’m open to listening to everyone.

He added that it was a difficult decision to decide on the knee surgery. He will be out of action for eight months, but recalled his doctor telling him that had he held the surgery off, his knee troubles would’ve grown worse over time.

Injuries are a risk for all of us every time we get into a ring. It was the most difficult decision of my career when I heard the doctor tell me that if I didn’t have surgery in a few years, there is a possibility I would make my situation worse and worse over time. So even though I did not want surgery, it is best for me. It is eight months out , which pains me, but my knee will be 100%. That’s why I opted for surgery.

I wasn’t even at 60% percent , but no matter what, I was going to defend my ROH championship. I needed to be brave and strong as champion. There was a price to pay for not giving the time or patience that my knee needed. I ended up making it worse, but I never stopped until I dropped the belt.

Ring of Honor wrapped up their Death Before Dishonor pay-per-view several weeks ago. The ROH World Champion Bandido retained the title in the main event. Bandido first captured the ROH World Title by defeating RUSH at Best in the World.