Russia invades Ukraine

While some toxic political discussion is one of the reasons non-patreon members weren’t allowed to post for a little while I think this is a topic worthy of discussion. It’s been the only thing I’ve been paying attention to over the past week. And if you need a wrestling angle I’m sure the ratings of the news networks will impact wrestling this week.

So does anyone have any thoughts? Hopes for how the conflict ends? Fears?

I for one am shocked at how quickly it feels like it ramped up and that Russia has attacked strategic targets throughout Ukraine. I thought if they did invade it would just be into the disputed eastern territories. At least at first.

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Obviously my biggest fear is loss of life on a massive scale… and Putin going Nuclear is NATO or the West step in.

That said, Russia / Putin has everything to lose here. Their own population seem to be coming out in the streets and protesting the unprovoked attack on Ukraine. Civil war within Russia seems very possible to me.

I truly hope this ends quickly.

As you can see, nobody but Putin wants this war within Russia… And it’s these images that give me hope.


No, not a wrestlling issue, directly. But, i think we are all in agreement that the situation is bad, and has the potential to get even worse.


This whole situation is just sad in general. I’m a huge fan of world history, but somewhat still uncertain of the historical relationship between Russia and Ukraine. Hopefully, this conflict ends quickly and with minimal casualties involved.


Here is an article I found explaining it. I’m sure someone will get mad at this interpretation, but it helped me understand it. Full disclosure, I have no idea if VOX is left leaning, right leaning etc.


In terms of the media coverage, I thought CNN was the best one I’ve watched. I’ve also watched some of BBC, Al Jazeera and France 24 but CNN had their correspondents on the go constantly and putting in some accurate, in-depth reporting. Well articulate and informative. Fox News is a disaster, obviously. Kissing Putin’s ass and having just talking heads all night long.

How about y’all?

A somewhat hopeful twitter thread, worth a read…

I read this thread too and in general agree with his assessment. History has shown that it is incredibly difficult to invade and successfully occupy a foreign country. History is certainly on Ukraine’s side for defeating Russia. Possibly even leading to massive political upheaval within Russia.

HOWEVER all the similar historical scenarios also indicate that war could last for months and guerrilla warfare could go on for years. Which would devastate Ukraine. Ukraine may eventually win. But the cost is severe. I’m absolutely not saying they should just surrender. But the world should be prepared for years of conflict which is heartbreaking and very anxiety inducing.


In 2010 I left the German Army to enjoy civilian life. Yesterday I wrote an email to ask how I can become active again. As a European this situation feels very dangerous and Putin is speaking out threatening words to us all. NATO is activating its plans to defend Eastern Europe and our media tells us there will be alot of military activity on German streets in the next couple of weeks. Should Ukraine fall we have the enemy at our boarders and no one knows where this lunatic Putin is going to stop. The Sowjet Empire he wants to reconquer would mean more wars in the future.


I think this is going to happen much sooner than later.

The world is far more connected today than ever before. Younger generations in Russia have no interest in a totally politically motivated war - that will see them in turn attacked by the rest of the world. Nobody under thirty years old is likely interested in rebuilding the USSR. And once that message gets through to most people in Russia - that they’ve now become the target as a result of their leader’s choices… I can’t see anything but a revolt.

Thousands were arrested for protests in the first day of the attack on Ukraine, in Russia. I have to imagine people will continue to protest and that voice will grow louder and louder.

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Be safe, and I hope you don’t get put back to work.

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Scary times. Seems like the brink of WW3.

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This is pretty badass. They’re well-off and have the advantages of living anywhere in the world. But instead of being self-serving, they’re staying to defend their country.

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I had forgotten Vitali was mayor of Kyiv. Crazy. Give ‘em hell Vitali!

Total badass. Imagine any American mayor doing that? At times like this need levity. I’m currently praying for a dear friend and colleague who is trying to flee Kyiv today. Looks like he got his Mom and Sister out. Shoutout Whatsapp.


Let’s not get carried away. He’s not a stupid man. He’s taking advantage of the ineptitude and weakness the EU, NATO and the US have shown. He’s not suicidal.

Klitschko just an absolute stud. Here’s what my local mayor has been up to, for reference…

Wishing for a swift end to this atrocity. Even China was calling Putin out for his BS today.


Where did you see this? All the reporting I have seen from China is that they are saying the USA is responsible for starting the war by getting to cozy with Ukraine.

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Saw it on Bloomberg. There is a ton of misinformation out there and I don’t believe 90% of what I read about this situation, so take this with a grain of salt obviously.

“ China Backs Talks, Respect for Ukraine Sovereignty (9:56 p.m.)

China’s Foreign Ministry posted a statement in which it urged diplomatic talks to begin between Russia and Ukraine, while saying Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should be respected and guaranteed.

China also said the UN Security Council should play a constructive role in de-escalating the crisis. The statement came hours before a Security Council meeting at which Russia – a permanent member of the council – is expected to veto a resolution condemning its actions. UN observers will be watching to see if China, another permanent member, supports the Russian position or abstains from voting.”

Update: China abstained from the resolution to condemn the invasion. Sooo it’s probably all just talk.

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