s/o to the guy who made the Review-A-Wai archive

Mostly in the topic here. That guy, ironically named UnknownPerson updated all the links on reviewawai4.life so none of the shows were dead, and that was really really awesome and I didn’t really care to give that feedback on the old, dead, LAW board, so I thought I’d bring it up here. All the old reviews are streamable and available here, that’s friggin awesome, thanks dude, if you’re here yet. <3


This man (or woman) is doing gods work.

My like to this post is a proxy to that Unknown Hero, they are truely a monster among…wait I think that is taken…they are the “Big Dawg” of the Review A Wai archiv…nope, also taken…surely UnknownPerson is the Legit Boss…crap…

UnknownPerson you are a really swell guy (or Gal)

Thank you! I’m gonna save all these in my hard drive.

They are a true hero. We need Unknown Day.

Glad this is working again.

Is there a way I can batch download these shows or do I have to go one by one? Thanks!

@Corcaigh1980 as far as I know you have to go one by one.

If anyone’s looking for an app that will handle custom podcast playlists btw, pocket casts does it well (tho it takes some reading to get set up)

Thanks @Kenrique Iglesias!

Thanks for this. 48hrs of work a week so I’m going back to the beginning boys. Finished first 14 episodes yesterday. Boy does this help me get through my boring ass job. Thanks guys

where abouts do i find these? the link seems dead

www.reviewawai4.life should be working