Sabu reflects on his AEW appearances, states that it was Chris Jericho who contacted him

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Sabu also shares his thoughts about the idea of one more match. 

Going into AEW’s 2023 Double or Nothing pay-per-view, as a part of the build to Chris Jericho versus Adam Cole, two-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion Sabu was brought in and sided with Cole and Roderick Strong. 

At the pay-per-view, Sabu was billed as an ‘enforcer’ and helped remove Jericho Appreciation Society from ringside. He reflected on his AEW experience during a virtual signing with Golden Ring Collectibles. He shared that it was Chris Jericho who contacted him and things came together the week before his debut. 

About a week before the Wednesday when I did the first appearance (for AEW) and by Wednesday, the Wednesday before the Wednesday I did the Dynamite appearance. I think it’s Dynamite. Chris Jericho called me. Actually, we chatted a little bit and then he called me back and said, ‘Hey, I got an idea.’ I said, ‘Okay,’ then he called me on the phone, said, ‘I got an idea. Adam Cole, me,’ boom, boom, boom. This and that, the other thing. He goes, ‘We’ll bring you out as a surprise if you wanna do it.’ I go, ‘Yeah.’

When the idea of doing another match was brought up, Sabu feels he could do it but he’d need three months to get in shape. He jokingly added that the right amount of money would speed that process up. 

I’d need like three months to get in shape though (for one more match), and the right amount of money. That would get me in shape faster.

The 58-year-old Sabu has not wrestled in a sanctioned match since the summer of 2021. He’s stated on several occasions that he would like for his retirement match to be against Brock Lesnar. 

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