Sami Zayn admits to going out of his way “once or twice” to make Bloodline members laugh

Originally published at Sami Zayn admits to going out of his way “once or twice” to make Bloodline members laugh

In an interview ahead of Survivor Series, Sami Zayn has opened up about recent incidents when he has made members of The Bloodline laugh.

Speaking to BT Sport’s Rob Armstrong, Zayn admitted that he has “gone out of his way” to make the others laugh on occasion, but noted that it’s an area where he has to tread carefully.

He added that it is “art imitating life” because he’s become close to the other performers and sees his role as bringing lightness to an otherwise very serious group.

Zayn said:

I think the reason it’s standing out so much is because it just reminds the fans that the performers are really having fun doing this. I think it’s something they sometimes forget — that we’re enjoying doing this too, and there is a real-life chemistry between myself and that whole family.

We always have gotten along splendidly so it’s nice to see that the fans are just appreciating to get a window into that a little bit. I mean, I’ll admit, once or twice, I’m going out of my way to try to get them to crack, but generally, I think that’s something you have to tread cautiously because if you overdo that it becomes like you’re just not being professional.

Little bits are good but then, like anything else, it could be redundant if it’s overdone or if you’re not taking it seriously enough or whatever. We are still trying to tell a story here but, in a weird way, that part of it kind of works for the story because, again, as I said, it’s this different character bringing this lightness to an otherwise serious group

I think the reason it works is because it is art imitating life, and fitting into the story we’re trying to tell. Otherwise, it would just be completely out of place, if that makes sense. I’m supposed to be there bringing this lightness to it, so it makes some sense.