Sammy Guevara done focusing on negativity, locked-in on where's he headed

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Sammy Guevara chooses not to dive into the reported backstage altercation.

Before the third anniversary episode of AEW Dynamite went live on TBS, a report emerged from TMZ which read that Sammy Guevara and Andrade El Idolo got into a physical altercation.

The two had been going back and forth on social media stemming from an interview that El Idolo did with Más Lucha. Andrade was sent home and Guevara picked up a win in a tag match in the main event of the show.

Guevara uploaded his latest Vlog to his YouTube channel and said he knows people want him to comment on the situation but he is opting to not focus on the negativity.

I know some people want me to comment on what exactly happened, what exactly happened backstage at AEW Dynamite. But man, I’m done focusing on the negativity. I feel like when you are on this trajectory to where I’m headed, there’s gonna be people who are gonna do everything in their power to try to drag you down to their level and I know I’m above that so, I’m not gonna focus on any of that bullsh*t. I’m gonna focus on where I’m headed which is — they say sky’s the limit but there’s a whole universe out there and that’s where I’m headed man, so, I’m not gonna focus, I’m not gonna comment on any of the bullsh*t. Instead, I wanna do this thing that Tay and I do. Any time we’re too negative or focusing too much on some sh*t that’s not really important in life, we say to each other, ‘What’s five things you’re grateful for?’ Five things that you’re grateful for. I’m grateful for my health, I’m grateful for my life, I’m grateful for Tay, I’m grateful for the job I have and I’m grateful for you guys. Thank you to the people who support me and the people who don’t believe everything they read online. I just want to say thank you to those people. Grateful for the people who actually care enough to watch something I put out.

POST Wrestling’s John Pollock and Wai Ting shared their thoughts about what occurred between El Idolo and Guevara and to watch that clip, head over to the POST Wrestling YouTube channel.

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It’s pretty difficult not to believe what we read about him online when it’s his writing and voice shitposting it all.

He took offense to what Andrade said, sure, talk to him and work it out. Don’t be some low-brow troll.

He’s a brat, and he’s getting the wrong kind of heat.

Sammy needs to delete all of his social media accounts. He isn’t adult enough to manage them properly.

Also I’ll add that Jordynn Grace needs to do the same thing. I don’t even follow her, and have her muted, yet I STILL see her going out of her way to argue with random regular people about nonsense that she shouldn’t be concerning herself with online. She definitely vanity searches her own name, as well as Gresham’s, and goes out of her way to argue with people who aren’t praising them or who may be critical in any way.

There are a lot of pro wrestlers who need to remove themselves from social. Rhea Ripley is another. She does the same things I just explained that Jordynn does.

It would probably be a good idea for all wrestlers to remove themselves from social media lol.


twitter is not good for many.