Sareee's return match to be against Chihiro Hashimoto

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It’ll be Sareee’s first match since the summer of 2022. 

In March, Sareee f.k.a. Sarray confirmed that she is no longer with WWE. She’ll be promoting her own event on May 16th titled Sareee-ism at Shinjuku Face in Tokyo, Japan.

This is going to be Sareee’s first match since August 2022. She is set to go one-on-one with Chihiro Hashimoto. 


— Sareee (@Sareee_official) April 25, 2023


— 堀江ガンツ (@horie_gantz) April 25, 2023

Over the weekend at STARDOM All Star Grand Queendom, Hashimoto clashed with Syuri and the match ended after Syuri KO’d Hashimoto. 

Below is the card for the Sareee-ism show: 

  • Sareee vs. Chihiro Hashimoto
  • Jaguar Yokota & Nanae Takahashi vs. Kaoru Ito & TBA
  • Arisa Nakajima & AKARI vs. Miyuki Takase & Ibuki Hoshi
  • Riko Kaiju vs. Yurika Oka