Sasha Banks & Naomi walk out of WWE Raw | REWIND-A-RAW 5/16/22

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John Pollock & Wai Ting discuss breaking news of Naomi and Sasha Banks walking out of WWE Raw, WWE’s subsequent public statement, and their handling of the situation on tonight’s show.

We then review the rest of WWE Raw featuring Bobby Lashley vs. Omos in a Steel Cage match and Becky Lynch vs. Asuka in a No. 1 Contender’s match for the Raw Women’s Championship.

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The last one who walked out the day of a show wasn’t it Neville/Pac ? He was supposed to face Enzo and lose.

They will treat them the same way they treat Ali - total burial. Banks should just walk away completely, she doesn’t need WWE at all and has never been given the ball like Charlotte, Becky or Ronda.

Naomi also super talented but it’s obvious they see her in one way.

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Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a total work.
John and Wai say it was mentioned by a character on the show (I don’t watch). and then the statement they issued, I think they are just trying to be more real and challenge AEW for people my age who would want a more ‘real’ product

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Every week it’s about how they never promote anything…but now somehow it’s crazy that NBCU pays 200+M a year and it’s a big deal the main event fell apart? I mean that’s like saying Sunday night was a disaster for TNT who paid for the Game 7 between Suns and Mavs. Sometimes shit happens. Live TV!!! Scripted buzzer beaters and drama.

And then feed the outlets to carry the PR water for you. Drum up interest. No such thing as bad PR, especially when the audience who does care is already your abused puppy core fan base.

And isn’t it something that when they wanna be tight lipped they are and when they don’t want to be they have no problem letting backstage gossip leak. Whether real or not, this has NO impact on anything. It’ll drive more clicks and views to the wrestling content industry which is a positive for them (good IMO) and WWE won’t miss a beat. :man_shrugging:

Great point, doesnt really matter if its real or not but they want to create some buzz. As Wai said he’s more interested about this than anything else recently and I guess so am I. I dont watch the show - I dont care if they leave but ill happily click on stories about whats going on which is great for the `wwe so its win win…

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WWE acknowledging it tells me they are playing the game of attention. Because had they not acknowledged it then Sasha and Naomi get all the attention and likely sympathy (seems obvious what they were going for)… WWE interjecting and that becoming a storyline of this is brilliant.

The first 10 minutes of this review is the epitome of Wrestling / News / Content machine in full force. Talent manipulating fans and media to cover them in a crowded industry. Wwe adding narrative. And the distributors of information covering something that didn’t exist which will own the convo for at least one cycle. It’s just like real sport! This is not criticism. It’s fascinating to watch unfold.

Literally EVERYONE wins

Edit: unless your one of the two talents who are being called unsafe in an industry based on safety and trust. Pretty sus for CoWorkers to say that (curious if prior complaints had been formalized) and for Employer to float it publicly.
Seems like a good way to create a feud but I’m guessing calling this a work is wrong at this time. (?)

It’s a complete work.

Sasha and Naomi 100% don’t have suitcases. That was the smoking gun for me

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It could be a work but I don’t see the point. That was a completely bizarre statement to put out, essentially acknowledging the show is scripted and wrestlers rehearse. Not sure what good that does anyone.

It’s more likely WWE trying to get ahead of something bad that occurred.

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Interesting take, I could definitely see this being work as it would play right in to the “rage” of the average “IWC” fan.

There are definitely some red flags. WWE mentioning it on TV is one, Sasha doing it again, and the fact that Naomi did it right in the middle of one of the biggest pushes of her career while her family is getting one of the buggiest pushes in the history of the business.

Not saying it 100% is, but I can see it. If it is, I find it hilarious how many people are biting hook, line, and sinker.

I think it is more hilarious that people actually think that a creatively bankrupt company like this, can actually think of a story like, let alone execute it, without someone confirming that it is actually a story. This is the same company who runs the same matches over and over and over and over on a weekly basis. The same company who has the most basic of basic, boring stories.

They dont deserve for anyone to think they have the brains to come up with something compelling like this. It is just feeding the idiotic conspiracy theorists out there, who want to question every single thing that goes on in life. This is WWE and Vince McMahon we are talking about here.


I’m not saying it isn’t a work but nothing about it feels like typical WWE storyline.


I think you’re giving wayyyy too much creative credit to this if its a storyline. Writing a story that involves two talents “walking out” which with one already happened isnt exactly some creative masterpiece.

I also think it’s asinine to compare wrestling fans thinking that a wrestling company would work them to conspiracy theories.

If you believe this is real, cool. No need to get so upset.

I agree with this….I’m not saying it is a work, I’m not even saying it’s even a good idea if it is. I’m saying if it is a work, it’s quite hilarious seeing how upset so many people are getting.

Got to love CM Punk squashing Cardona

Ahhh…the old “someone posts a differing opinion, so that means they are upset.”

Sorry if I’m done believing in this company, that I think people who do are idiots. You’re absolutely right when you say that this story is not a creative masterpiece. For WWE to pull it off with any believability though, it is very much a creative masterpiece.

They prove time and time again that their stories cater to children and people who are not that smart. If this was a storyline, they would have been showing us them walking out and then repeatedly showing us that same moment a million times throughout the night.

It better be a work or the wrestling media dragging 2 talent into this promoting they are called unsafe is fukt. If wWE was so careless in promoting this as a part of the story then other pushing it even in courage are probably hurting those two peoples careers.

Edit: So I’m seeing more and more say that it is not because the two talents were unsafe. Tho we don’t have comment as of now from Naomi or Sasha. So just some unfortunate first impressions I guess

Just because something sounds cliché, it doesn’t mean its not true and I have no issue with you having a difference of opinion, but typically when a person posts something that includes shots and/or insults, its because something pissed them off. I’ve read enough of your posts over the years to know when you’re pissed off. Nothing I said was a personal shot at you, I was making fun of all the marks on tik tok and Twitter outraged but this. I feel you took it personally (maybe I’m wrong), if you want to discuss this further, please PM me as nobody else wants to read us go back and this about this.

Back to the wrestling discussion, I’m not saying anything to the contrary of anything you are saying. You want to have a discussion regarding the creative inabilities of the WWE, sure. I don’t disagree, the majority of their stories are not good. You want have a conversation about them running the same matches week after week after week, sure, I agree as well, this is why it takes me 35min to watch a 2hour Smackdown, because I refuse to watch the matches unless its a clear blow-off match.

The only thing I disagree with is the notion that they cant come up with any good stories, or that this story is one they couldn’t come up with. Look, do I believe the walkout is real? Yes. Do I think there is a chance its a work, Yes. Its wrestling at the end of the day, you always have to question what’s real and what’s not, I’ll never blindly believe anything in this industry.

This really shouldn’t be a big deal or all that surprising. Talent didn’t like their creative and walked out. As an independent contractor they can do that.

What’s surprising to me is that more talents don’t do this. 95 per cent of the booking every single week is stupid and damaging. If more talent actually took a stand and cared maybe the shows wouldn’t be so bad


Work sucks today so I’m all in on the post mark drama