Scarlett Bordeaux discusses her release from WWE, confirms Killer Kross movie role

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Highlights from Scarlett Bordeaux’s first post-WWE virtual signing.

On November 4th, Scarlett Bordeaux confirmed that she had been let go from WWE. Soon after, the likes of Killer Kross, Keith Lee, Nia Jax and others were a part of 26 WWE talent releases in the month of November.

Since her exit from WWE, Scarlett has lined up a number of independent dates and signings going into the new year and she did her first post-WWE virtual signing with The Asylum Wrestling Store on 12/3. Here are highlights from the signing:

– WWE hired her to be a manager, there were talks of her wrestling earlier this year: So, I always wanted to be able to do everything but managing has always been my favorite thing so originally I was hired specifically to be a manager which I was super excited about and then I was always open to doing everything so I love bumping, I love wrestling and naturally throughout every place I’ve worked at, eventually it transitions into wrestling. I feel like that happened with every female manager at WWE so I just naturally expected that to happen and then when it started to come up earlier this year that I was gonna start wrestling, I was like, ‘Cool, let’s do it. Hell yeah.’ So that’s kind of how it happened.

– Confirms that Killer Kross landed a movie role (first reported by Fightful Select): I’m not saying this just to be coy but we really don’t know right now . We don’t know. Just because getting released was so overwhelming and already with the independents, we have so many signings lined up, I mean we’re going to Alaska in April, Kross just got like a really big movie role, I’m doing photoshoots and magazines and stuff like that so, we’re enjoying not being tied down to anything right now… But no, anything’s on the table. Let’s just put it that way.

When she initially received the news about her WWE release, she was upset but then became excited about the future: The night I got the call, we be at least a point I would be devastated. That has not happened once. I’ve just gone from pissed for the first night and then just excited then happy.

– Scarlett will be doing an interview with Renee Paquette: Yeah, . I’ll have an interview with Renee Young soon so then I’ll talk more about that but, another day, another time.

– There was no stress in NXT, adds that she was bored for the last six months: You know, I wasn’t stressed because NXT was awesome, it was really but, I was quite bored for the last six months, so obviously I wasn’t doing very much and I’m excited for the first time in a really long time and I’m happy and I feel joy. I felt content at WWE but now I feel joy and excitement, so I’d put it that way.

– Discusses the ‘Fall and Pray’ NXT entrance, credits Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque for enhancing it: So, they let us at first do what we wanted to do and then Hunter was like, ‘Okay, okay’ and then he enhanced it and made it perfect so we kind of did something naturally and he’s like, ‘Okay, okay,’ just to see how we would naturally move and then Hunter’s like, ‘How about this and this’ and we’re like, ‘Woah. This is like so much better than what we came up with.’ So I would say it was a collaborative effort to put it together but Hunter was such a big part of it honestly.

– She recorded her lyrics for ‘Fall and Pray’ while in her bathroom, could not access studio because of COVID-19 pandemic: That was another one that was done with Hunter also so, I did the melody myself. I would say it was a full collaboration along with like the words, the music, all of it. But I did sing that into my phone in my bathroom because because of COVID. It was actually pretty insane. Yeah, people forget that we debuted and we performed for months with no fans. We did that entrance over and over with nobody so, trying to bring that energy — I’m glad that everyone really liked it, because everyone was really down.

– Scarlett wants to continue managing Kross and is also looking forward to working as a solo act: We’ve always worked really great together so if there’s other opportunities to work together on the independents, particularly tagging in matches, that’s most likely. I would like to still manage him in certain places but I’m really excited to do stuff on my own too. So for the next few months, I have a lot of independent stuff going on, so I miss doing that as well. But we’ve always had great chemistry and I feel like what we have, no one on the indies or even WWE or any other company has done that before and I feel like we’re the perfect blend of sex and violence so I feel like we have to keep using it, make money off it because it’s so different and fun and I like it, other people like it so I feel like keep together.

– Embracing the comparisons between herself and Sable: So that’s something people always compared me to, her , which I love. I kind of — I wasn’t intentionally trying to do that but I love her anyways and I loved everything she represented; sexy, strong woman who is also tough. So I always loved the comparison but, I feel like I was the next Sable already even before WWE. I feel like that was already something happening with the ‘Smokeshow’ character so, yeah I’ll take it. I love being part of her.

– Looks back at her time with IMPACT Wrestling as one of the most fun periods of her career, loved working with Jimmy Jacobs and Sonjay Dutt: They’re both very different , Jimmy Jacobs so I was able to develop the Smokeshow character so that was awesome. I met Kross around that time and NXT, because of WWE, I was able to, you know, we were able to buy our first house. I felt like I really became an adult. It felt a lot like a 9-5 job. But, I just feel like a lot stronger, better performer all around. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been body-wise and I don’t know. I feel like a new and improved, better version for what I’m about to do. But still very different, very different. I don’t know. It’s hard to say in one minute with everything but it’s good, it’s good.

– Hoping to return to her hometown promotion AAW: Nothing planned for Chicago but I’m gonna go there anyways. That’s literally my hometown and at some point, I’d like to make a return to AAW.

– Shares that Killer Kross’ vignettes are all self-produced: A lot of people don’t know a lot of those videos, actually all of them that he posts, he directs and films and edits all those himself so he makes those little movies so, both of us have skills that people haven’t even seen.

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