Scott D'Amore fired by Anthem - out of TNA



On Hausman: So did he fly from Chicago to Vegas and then after landing found out he wasn’t getting interview access? What a moron.


Flew to Vegas, tweeted all day about Mike Johnson, Scott D’Amore, and TNA, while responding to every tweet towards him by random fans… And then got his press credentials revoked or something at the Mania presser.

What a day.


This has got to be the first thing WWE has done that has made you smile in a very long time lol.

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Speaking of Vegas…

And an odd choice.

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I got spoiled last year where most major shows were in Ontario lol I was half expecting Toronto

Well no nobody got interview access, but this is the first I saw someone publicly complain about it.

Not entirely true.

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Today Scott posted this on FB:


TNA talent sent an open letter to Anthem.

Are they steps away from a union?!

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I guess anything is possible, but I highly doubt it. I could see anthem shutting down TNA before moving forward in that direction. Giant companies like WWE and AEW can definitely afford what will come with a union, I’m not sure TNA could.

Unions don’t push for companies to go bust they just want workers rights. Why would Anthem do that…don’t they deal with unions in all other areas of their business

If you have a small business that is barely making a profit (which I assume is the case with TNA) and then you bring in a union, that business will likely begin to loose money. I have heard small business owners say this many times in my life.

Now if I am wrong and TNA is making giant profits, that will not be the case.

Anthem (and Sygnus) is not a small business.
TNA is a property they use to make money.
The idea of shared bargaining power - and in this case - having the power to have some say in the hiring and firing of their team, is not even about money.

You’re stating classic anti-union propaganda talking points. Which is a whole other subject. But in this case - the organization of labour who work for a multi-million dollar organization for their own rights, is a positive for the industry.

Please don’t strawman me again, I’m not anti union, I think workers in AEW and WWE should have a union. I can even see a wrestling union across the board. A company like TNA exclusively…I can’t see it happening.

We’ll see what happens.

Oh, I didn’t try to imply that at all. Sorry if that’s how it read.

I don’t know if it would happen. I just think this is the closest thing I have ever seen to labour organization in the world of televised wrestling, that I can think of.


This could pretty easily be done if TNA talent decided to band together and join an existing union like SAG. But at that point I think Anthem would just bring D’Amore back lol.

I don’t think the top TNA guys get huge money so this is probably a good negotiating tactic if they just want D’Amore back


The “You’re stating classic anti-union propaganda talking points” made it read that way to me as it felt like the context was being ignored implying I was making a blanket statement about unions.

I just know how business people think, and if a company is making massive profits and people start to talk union, that is one thing and the workers have leverage as the company doesn’t want a walk-out/strike etc.

If its a company (or a division in a company) that wants to form a union and that division is not that profitable or even possibly loosing money, I dont think they would hesitate for a second to shut it down. It hard for me to know for sure as I obviously don’t see TNA’s books, but from stories in the past, it doesn’t seem to be making crazy amounts of money.

If this gets them to bring back D’Amore, then all the power to them.

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