Scott D'Amore teases big signing for TNA Hard To Kill, discusses partnership with Endeavor Streaming

Originally published at Scott D'Amore teases big signing for TNA Hard To Kill, discusses partnership with Endeavor Streaming

D’Amore thinks the individual is one of the biggest signings in TNA/IMPACT history. 

Starting with the Hard To Kill pay-per-view on January 13th, IMPACT Wrestling is going to be reverting to the TNA name and brand. Members of the company have been making the media rounds promoting the change and the latest to do was IMPACT/TNA President Scott D’Amore.

He guest appeared on Busted Open Radio and teased a big signing to be revealed at Hard To Kill. D’Amore feels the individual is one of the biggest signings in TNA history and the company pushed out an announcement and noted that ‘worlds will collide on January 13th’ and ‘you won’t believe who is showing up’. 

We are right there at the goal line of finalizing one of — one of, I think, the biggest signings in TNA. I think it’s something that’s really gonna shake things up here on January 13th and if you’ve been out there and saying, ‘Oh, I’m looking to see some things are different,’ I think we’re giving you a lot. I think KUSHIDA, (El Hijo del) Vikingo, I think being at the Pearl Theatre at the Palms, I think someone who we have in store for you that night is gonna blow your socks off.

On January 5th, the TNA+ app is going to be launched as TNA/IMPACT has partnered with Endeavor Streaming to upgrade their subscription service. D’Amore spoke about that partnership: 

Cheap plug coming, it’s (Hard To Kill 2024) the first-ever pay-per-view you can get on the new TNA Plus app. So, you look at it and our partnership with Endeavor. I’ve got tooled around the app and I know now people are getting to see it publicly for the first time. This app is outstanding, it’s user-friendly, it’s reliable, it comes to you from Endeavor and they’re one of the leaders in the industry so having a partnership with truly one of the greatest companies in their field, that I think is gonna allow us to get this amazing TNA Wrestling product out there to more fans than ever and our most loyalists of fans are gonna be able to experience such a deeper and more enjoyable experience…

Coming out of Hard To Kill, TNA is hosting their Snake Eyes taping that’ll feature Will Ospreay and El Hijo del Vikingo among others.

If the quotes in this article are used, please credit Busted Open Radio with an H/T to POST Wrestling for the transcriptions.

I wonder if it could be Mercedes

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TNA Hard to Kill going to be interesting in Vegas!


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My Impact plus app has already changed to TNA+ so it seems the streaming launched early!!

I predict Ziggler

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Ziggler would be such a disappointment and not worth any hype IMO

I wonder if it’s a luchador, given the ‘worlds collide’ line. Exclusive American home of Vikingo?

I could see it being Riddle. He was in main event / upper card mix in WWE. And sorta left quietly. So I could see Impact giving him a marquee spot.