Scott Hall on Life Support

Just read that Scott Hall is on life support after suffering three heart attacks. Man, nothing but positive vibes and thoughts go out to him. I hope he kicks out

This sucks……apparently he had hip replacement surgery, which caused an issue with a blood clot, which caused three heart attacks :disappointed:

True legend, hopefully he gets through this.

Here is my source.

Typically blood clots occur after surgery in the legs (DVT). Heart attacks also can occur (usually from the stress of the surgery). One is venous thrombosis other arterial. Both are complications but not necessarily linked in most cases (apart from an odd cause like HIT etc )


From what you have read, does he have a good chance of surviving this? Or just too hard to say with limited info?

Hard to say with limited info. Life-support can mean many things. It probably means he’s intubated on a ventilator that isn’t as concerning what’s more concerning was how much vasopressor Support he’s on etc. will be pretty difficult for me to offer prognosis based on just thought

It’s also kind of weird to say three heart attacks. I wonder if they mean three cardiac arrest. Three cardiac arrest is significantly worse than three heart attacks but no one would actually use the term three heart attacks that doesn’t make sense in the context of a surgery. 3 cardiac arrest, which is often confused with heart attacks, would probably be more more likely and that would be a terrible prognosis.

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I was going to say Ive never heard of anyone having three heart attacks but if true, that sounds really bad

You can’t have three heart attacks after surgery. It doesn’t make any sense. You have one heart attack after surgery. However you can have multiple cardiac arrest which means that your heart stops. Most people don’t know the difference between that and a heart attack and they call it the same. Multiple cardiac arrest is very bad generally.

I know every decision now is in hindsight. Knowing Hall’s substance abuse and history of health problems, how risky was it to go through a hip replacement procedure and is it worth the risk?

The risk of surgery is determined using risk scores. Many exist but the most common one is the revised cardiac risk index (Lee score)

Based on these factors he would have had risk counselling before the surgery.

His drug and alcohol use may have impacted his heart function etc giving him a few points.

On top of that he would have been at risk for withdrawal symptoms as well.

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According to Kevin Nash’s Instagram, they are just waiting for his family to arrive and say goodbye to Scott Hall. Then they’ll take him off life support.
This sucks.

Ya, I just read that. This fucking sucks.

I assume as I said earlier this implies multiple cardiac arrests which confers a horrible prognosis with possible brain damage. A terrible story

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I have to say, its pretty sad that more people had something to say about the “injustice” of Queen Sharmell going into the HOF then the death of a legend.