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This week, WH Park and Rich Fann are joined by Daniel Palmer of the @TheMTRNetwork to talk episode 3 of Secret Invasion, “Betrayed”.

The trio begins with general thoughts about the series before discussing the latest MCU news regarding Guardians 3 cut footage and Ben Mendelsohn’s favorite MCU character.

Episode-wise, they discuss the series’ Western European polemic, the Skrulls as a people in search of a nation that finds a “strong man” (perhaps at the expense of humanity), and how Gravik’s journey to becoming a Super Skrull is the ‘Oppenheimer’ of the MCU.

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FYI, Insidious and The Nun have nothing to do with each other.

The connected universe you are thinking about is The Conjuring (which shares the same director and star as Insidious).