Seth Rollins: I don’t intend to stop wrestling any time soon, I don’t see it any time in the immediate future

Originally published at Seth Rollins: I don’t intend to stop wrestling any time soon, I don’t see it any time in the immediate future

The late Windham Rotunda became a topic of conversation during the chat as well.

A new episode of Mythical Kitchen’s ‘Last Meal’ show was released and the featured guest is WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. 

Rollins spoke publicly about his back issues and that has become woven into his storylines and matches in recent months. Rollins stated that he does not intend to step away from the ring any time soon. 

I don’t intend on stopping any time soon. Like I said, I’m still in that window. The business is hot, I’m having a lot of fun. So I don’t know. I don’t see it any time in the immediate future. Let’s just say that.

Elsewhere in the conversation, Rollins further opened up about the passing of Windham Rotunda a.k.a. Bray Wyatt. He said it still does not feel real. He expected himself and Rotunda to go into the Hall of Fame together and for their respective children to be around each other. 

It really does feel like a family often and Windham (Rotunda) was someone that I loved and worked with very closely for many years. We came up in the business together and so I was very close with him and so it was a huge shock that he had passed and left. Still doesn’t feel real sometimes. But most of the crew had gotten together on Friday for our SmackDown show and they kind of were able to grieve together and sort of breathe that collective sigh, you know, talking about him and doing all that but I wasn’t there. I was home with my family and I didn’t have a chance to see everybody until the following day. It was a live event on a Saturday so I was kind of like a step behind and so I felt like I hadn’t grieved and everybody else had kind of already sort of started that process and I was behind… and I thought about doing something of his in the ring and I was in there with Finn Bálor who is another good friend of mine and I didn’t tell him anything. I didn’t tell him anything about what I was thinking or what I was going to do and I didn’t really know what I was going to do and then, kind of got to the point where if I was gonna do something, it was gonna be now or never and like, it sort of just came over me, this feeling of like, you know, his spirit was just there. Just grabbed me and then I did way more than I even expected to. I popped up and did his little spider thing that he was able to do and I end up in the corner kind of upside down the way he did. I even did his Mandible Claw which he used to shove down my throat all the time and it was a very cathartic experience for me. Like kind of the beginning of the grieving process for me to really let all that out. I got to talk with the crowd afterwards and cried a lot, as you would, and it was crazy man. Like I said, it still doesn’t entirely feel real to me. I expected us to go into the Hall of Fame together, have our kids play together, those types of things and just to know that you’re not gonna get that experience doesn’t really feel real, I suppose. 

Any time you lose somebody like that, like I said, you can’t help — all you can feel after the sorrow is the gratitude that you’re still able to exist and be as a part of life, this mystery of life… I get to experience it. It’s all gratitude. If you feel anything but gratitude, you’re a crazy person. 

During the rapid fire questions portion of the sit-down, Rollins was asked who he would like to have a Hell in a Cell match with out of anyone. He named Windham and said he thinks they both wanted to give it another shot following their bout at Hell in a Cell 2019

Since we were just talking about him, I’d love to have another shot at it (Hell in a Cell) with Windham (Rotunda). We had one of the more infamous ones of all-time and I think both of us always wanted to go again.

Since winning the WWE World Heavyweight Title, Rollins has had six successful defenses of the belt. His next championship bout is against Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel

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