Seth Rollins issues statement on his participation at talent meeting

Originally published at Seth Rollins issues statement on his participation at talent meeting

On Tuesday, WWE performer Seth Rollins spoke on the record to the outlet to clarify a previous report regarding his involvement in a talent meeting at Raw this past Monday on Long Island, New York.

On Monday evening, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter had reported in his daily update some notes from the meeting. Meltzer included that ‘Seth Rollins attempted to do a rah-rah speech while telling people to keep things like this off social media in the future’.

On Tuesday, Rollins refuted the story in a pair of posts on his Twitter account. This included Rollins denying that he spoke: “before, during or after the meeting.”

In a statement to Fightful, Rollins elaborated on his involvement at the meeting:

Vince and Triple H held an all talent meeting to explain the travel situation returning from Crown Jewel. They commended the talent for their conduct in a tough spot and fielded questions and allowed anyone to voice their feelings on the matter. Some talent spoke up and overall it was a productive forum. I said zero words. I made no speech. Pretty simple.

Following Rollins’ posts on Twitter, Dave Meltzer issued an apology and retraction on his website on Tuesday evening.

If I was Meltzer, I would change my sources.

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If I were Meltzer - I would immediately sever ties or be very cautious with that source moving forward and retract the statement and issue an apology. Looks like he’s doing that from a statement/apology perspective - No reason to hang Meltzer out to dry on this as he’s been credible more often than not in his career.

If I were Seth - I would still chill out and reflect on how I’m interacting with my audience and acting out on social media. Either outcome of this story has him looking very unlikeable. The fans are clearly not staying behind him and his company defending projecting attitude is what made the locker room speech believable in the first place.

Blaming the fans and blaming Meltzer has been WWE’s attitude for years - it hasn’t made me like them anymore than I did before and Seth is the exact same.


Yeah Meltzer deserves no leniency here. It doesn’t matter how many times he’s been right on reports.

He acted like a sleazy two bit gossip columnists and Rollins has every right to be pissed about it.

Worst part is the lack of professionalism shown here by Meltzer. As in not even giving Seth Rollins a call or private message and actually getting his side before publishing the story.

If I was Rollins I would sue him for slander.

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Yup that’s my biggest issue. This isn’t him misreporting creative or something that changed. He literally reported a phantom speech.

Either his sources are a drunken ric flair and he needs new ones or else he needs stop reporting stuff he isn’t sure of.

He didn’t even have the decency to discuss it on the podcast like bryan did earlier that day bae said Dave would tell his side later. Dave came on and started jumping into news. Incredible

Like I said before - Meltzer did apologized immediately after his sources got compromised - here his fault is that he didn’t double and triple checked.

But what is the excuse for the locker room leader(?) Seth Rollins for not speaking on behalf of “his brothers” after the Friday debacle? I would be more concerned with this, than a journalist burned by a source of his.

I wasn’t in the meeting so I don’t have really have a right to judge Seth on anything in this situation. Yeah its trendy to hate the guy right now because of the way he is booked and the things he has said. But I prefer to know the entire story before i hang someone.

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I do not “hate” Seth because of a trend. I grew to dislike him because of the way he was acting and speaking in or out of character the last almost a year. I have eyes and ears to conclude my own opinion about somebody, and that has nothing to do with any trends.

I go to sleep, and apparently when I wake up everybody in this thread “knows” who Dave’s source was. Journalists who make mistakes about politics and world affairs don’t catch this much crap

Except Dave Meltzer.


I don’t think you understand what slander is.

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Lol what?

He was proven wrong already and admitted himself he was wrong. No idea what else needed to be said for me to pass judgment.

Not the same thing with Seth. Apples to Oranges.

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Read your own words again. Whether it’s Rollins or Meltzer, you’re talking about literally the same situation. And either you know the entire story or you don’t.

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Its not.

Like I said. I wasn’t in the meeting that WWE had. No clue at all what was said. Neither did Meltzer apparently. So I don’t have the whole story. So why should I be judging Rollins when I don’t have all the facts like some people are trying to do?

As for Meltzer. I have the whole story. Both parties confirmed what happened. So in my opinion I have the right to judge him.

Feel free to disagree and get angry over what I’m doing. But hey its my opinion pal.

Meltzer apologized. Clearly he was in the wrong or else he wouldn’t apologize. If you ever follow Twitter Dave then you can see how big a jerk he is and never admits he is wrong. For him to admit this means he was very wrong here