Shawn Spears returns to WWE NXT

Originally published at Shawn Spears returns to WWE NXT

Spears is back in NXT. 

Dating back to NXT Vengeance Day, the ‘three faces’ vignettes have been airing across NXT programming. The individual behind those vignettes was revealed to be Shawn Spears. 

Ridge Holland took to the ring to apologize for his past actions and as he was speaking, the lights went out and then the wording from the vignettes were shown across the venue. A spotlight was put on the individual behind Holland and then Spears took a chair to the back of Holland. 

Commentary referred to him as Shawn Spears and not by the Tye Dillinger name he went back during his last run.

Since 2019, Spears had been with All Elite Wrestling. In late 2023, he wrapped up with the company

In February of 2019, Spears requested his release from WWE which put an end to a six-year run. 

I hope they do a skit with Bron’s t shirt

Really hope this is a sign we are getting Peyton and Billie back. The real horsewomen.

I’m pretty indifferent on Shawn Spears, but shoutout to WWE for a surprise reveal that was actually a 100% surprise to most people (as far as I’ve seen). That’s hard to pull off in 2024.

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He’s such a middle of the road, create a wrestler character. He needs to mix up his character a bit otherwise he’ll just be the third wheel in another stable

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