Shayna Baszler attacks Becky Lynch on Raw

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On Monday’s episode of Raw, Shayna Baszler appeared on the show attacking Raw women’s champion Becky Lynch to launch their program together.

Lynch defended her title against Asuka and retained the Raw women’s championship with a uranage. During the post-match, Baszler stormed the ring and attacked Lynch from behind. She briefly applied the Kirifuda Clutch before dumping Lynch to the mat, removing her mouthguard, and proceeded to bite the back of Lynch’s neck.

There was blood all over Baszler’s face and the back of the Lynch’s neck.

Baszler participated in the women’s Royal Rumble match two weeks ago and was the final one eliminated by Charlotte Flair, who won the match. At one point, it was scheduled for Baszler to win the match.

Becky is the Man, so Shayna is the Man-Eater. Seriously though, that felt like something thought up by someone who has seen none of Shayna’s NXT work.

Vince McMahon then :yum:

I agree, why not just have her put Becky to sleep with the clutch, or do the arm stomp spot she frequently does and have Becky sell that injury. The bite looked super fake and stupid.

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Vince: We don’t need blood and guts!
Also Vince: bite her neck, make her bleed!

I thought the Hold My Beer gimick was Hangman Page?


Yeah it kind of does feel that way “Goddammit, AEW has a woman knock another woman’s teeth out, we need something, how about Shayna bites Becky like an Animal!”

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That was horrible selling by Becky dropping Monty python lines and driving herself to the hospital. Why couldn’t SHayna just have choked her out and spray painted her with the words “bitch” on her back and had a promo after saying “you aren’t the man - you are nothing but my bitch”

I was trying to stay away from the direct comparison. It’s just amazing to me to see them resort to such tactics after flat out saying there is no need for edgier content (cuckhold angles), or blood and guts (legit cannibalism).

I would love for an anonymous survey to be conducted among fans and performers as to whether they have confidence in Vince. And for that matter, I’m gonna throw Paul Heyman under the bus. Raw has been neutral, if not worse, under his leadership.

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I feel like RAW has been better in general recently with Heyman, but the stuff that has been bad has been really bad. Most of which is the racier stuff.

I’d have rather seen beat down, arm stop spot Becky rolled out in ambulance (her driving it was dumb.). Then have her be sidelined a bit and Shayna lording it over her. My ideal Booking would have been that. Play into the injury and have Becky be forced to Vacate the title (I think they want a year long run for her but it isn’t great from a story line angle), take her off TV for a bit. Then have the women’s Elimination chamber be for the Vacated RAW title, have Shayna win it and then have Becky come back to face her at Mania.

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I think overall it’s been better but the bad parts have been worse. At least new guys (drew/ricochet/black) are getting pushed a bit

Not to spark a whole nasty debate but what about guys like Ricochet and Black have been good? And was Drew ever “new”; he’s just now getting around to be used how he was talked about during his first run.

Ricochet is a Super Hero who is going to get destroyed by Brock and sent straight into irrelevant mid-card status.

Black sat in a room spitting nonsense and now sits in a ring spitting nonsense. Maybe Undertaker comes out to confront him and we get a match at Mania with dope entrances (best case scenario)

Not a single new woman has been made on Heyman’s Raw. Lacey Evans heel character was the best attempt we got as making somebody - and now look where that has lead her.

The Women’s Tag division which could have made use of The Riott Squad while Ruby was on the shelf was non existent (it hit me last night that they literally sent Logan and Liv home while Ruby was injured).

Becky is less hot than she was
Seth lost all steam (and that is mostly self-inflicted, and has been saved by his heel turn)

Bright Spots: focus on Latino stars and use of Rey Mysterio. Outside of that, somebody help me out with what Heyman has done that has made the product better or helped talent. For all we hear about him being a creative genius, this may be the moment when I say his time has passed by and he’s just another old voice in a room full of them with old/stale ideas.

I’m just thinking the last several months. I think Seth heel turn has been good. Becky vs Asuka program is better than anything they have done during Becky’s title reign. She is no worse off than she has been since Mania and that botched build. The Hispanic midcard matches have been excellent, Murphy vs Black was a good program. It hasn’t been ideal but it has been far better than pre-brand split Raw or much of the time before that. That may be more of an indictment of old RAW then super hot praise for the current version, but it is better. My RAW experience of late has been “if they cut an hour out of this show it would actually be good.”

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That Shayna stuff was hilariously bad. I still just dont think she has a hope in hell of being anything special on the main roster - she doesnt have the look Vince/Kevin Dunn like and she’s too old.

But I agree that RAW overall has been pretty solid in 2020. Rollins turns into a moustache twirling typical heel week by week but the actual matches have been fine. It’s nice to see Ricochet, Drew and Black all get pushes and everything around the US title has also been very good.


@Breng77 @TheBenjamin

You guys make good points.

I think the bad is really bad. And it muddies the good. On a segment by segment basis though, you guys are right. Not bad.

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I think it also helps RAW that Smackdown has been terrible.

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I think everyone should know by now that when it comes for the main roster, basically everything that ever happened on NXT means nothing.

Just look at Baszler and what she did for more proof.

But I think it’s going to seriously damage Ripley, who sounds like such a loser on RAW. Just keep her on NXT before she gets called up and turned into a Frankenstein or Swamp Thing gimmick

Thus my investment into NXT went from 10 to 4 or 5 the last year. I can’t invest time and emotions in these characters when 95% of them will be butchered on the main roster. It’s heartbreaking.

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I had the opposite response and just ignore the main roster entirely now. All I care about is what happens on NXT and it continues to be my favorite wrestling show.


Did she say that Seth wasn’t the Monday night Messiah,he’s a naughty boy?