Shorty Gable

I’ll get behind this incredibly sizzling take.

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Not doing anything is better than getting buried


It would be just the icing on the cake if reports come out that children are being called Shorty because of this.

Be A Star

Shorty Gable could work if he was winning. It doesn’t work when he gets jobbed out to King Corbin.

Also there is no positive spin on the nick name. It either just refers to him being short, which is a dumb gimmick, or the “cool” use of shorty refers to someone’s girl or an attractive woman. Which again makes no sense.

The idea of “at least he is getting used” is dumb because it isn’t difficult to use people better than this.


Wait is this not “bullying?” I thought WWE was against that.

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But what if he owns the name and then in 6 months pins Lesnar for the title.

That is succeeding in spite of the gimmick not because of it. I also have no faith that what you mention will happen. He did well in KOTR, but against Corbin he is 2-2. With victories by DQ and Roll up and 2 pi fall losses. Hardly being booked strongly.

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Lmao. Don’t you remember Lilian Horseface comments but HHH and Lawler?

Dumb logic from whoever tweeted that. When people say “do something with this wrestler, they’re really good” it never means “do something to make them look stupid”.

It’s probably Bruce Pritchard who tweeted it. It’s probably his idea to do “Shorty Gable” as well.

I can’t look at Natalya without thinking of farts, can’t look at Drake Maverick without thinking of pee, can’t look at Triple H without thinking of Necrophilia, and I’ll likely always associate Chad Gable with shortness.

Bad gimmicks stick with you.


I think it’s designed to pop Vince.

We underestimate how much the writers of the show want to get a chuckle out of him. He is there boss, not us. If they know he likes this type if humour they are going to go there.

This man literally had a kiss his ass club. He’s into humiliation. Can’t really fault the writers for giving their boss what he likes

Shorty might refer to his junk?
If that is the case Stumpy would be better.

It’s a terrible name change. He’s done, will never get over with that ridiculous name.