Shotaro Ashino wins B Block of AJPW Champion Carnival

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Shotaro Ashino has won the B Block of All Japan’s Champion Carnival tournament.

The B Block matches wrapped up on Sunday in Osaka in front of 814 fans, which came down to Ashino and Shuji Ishikawa in the main event.

The two entered the final B Block event part of a four-way tie for first place with Suwama and Rei Saito, who had eight points each.

Suwama and Saito faced off in the penultimate match of the night and ended in a double count-out, opening the door for the main event winner to clinch first place.

Ashino won with an ankle lock at the 14:01 mark when the former Triple Crown holder and 2017 Carnival winner submitted.

Ashino will face the A Block winner next Sunday at Ota Ward Gymnasium.

In the other tournament matches, Hokuto Omori pinned Yuma Anzai after hitting the Muso Issen in 9:04, and Manubu Soya kept Takao Omori at zero points after hitting his lariat finisher in 9:02.

Ashino wins the B Block with ten points, followed by Suwama & Rei Sait & Shuji Ishikawa & Manbu Soya with eight points, Hokuto Omori & Yuma Anzai with six points, and Takao Omori with zero.

The A Block finishes this Thursday at Korakuen Hall. The block is led by Kento Miyahara, Ryuki Honda, and T-Hawk with eight points, Satoshi Kojima, Cyrus & Yuma Aoyagi with six points, Jun Saito at four points, and Yoshitatsu with two.