Should John and Wai have a separate podcast just for news?

I was listening to last week’s Review-a-Dynamite and the guys waited till the end of the podcast to go through recent news. It got me to thinking that maybe having a separate feed for news might be a good idea instead of tacking on news to the main review shows. What does everyone else think?

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No - for me the format is perfect. Get the reviews in and get the news in. Rather than splitting into 2 podcasts. Plus why give them more work unnecessarily.


No because the news happens on an ongoing basis so it is better to include the news as part of one of the “daily” shows then it is to wait until the end of the week. The format works just fine as is.

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No need to change a winning formula, it’s up to you whether or not you listen too it.

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Agreed. No need for a change.

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i like having the news attached to whatever show they’re doing. If the news of the day is relevant to the episode of Raw (or AEW or Smackdown…), they’re probably going to get into it anyway.

I won’t be happy until John and Wai are doing 10 podcasts a week. Make this news only podcast happen guys.

I think people want John&Wai to talk about the news when it’s happening and the best chance to do that is during the review episodes rather than saving up all the news for a separate episode on a specific day. I also don’t think it’s worth cutting a recording in two and having them up as 2 different episodes. There is the Thurdsay episode as well where they go more in depth on news if that’s what you’re asking for.

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As much as I love more content - I also like the format as-is. I have a daily morning routine of listening to their previous day’s podcasts so I’d prefer to keep them together


No i thin the current format is fine, if you just want to listen to the news they timestamped it in the description when the review of a show starts.

I like hearing the news upto date, when it happens. As opposed to a show like SNME, where its all old news. These guys have the format down. My only thing is, I like the news, to come before the reviews, instead of after. But that is a small issue.

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Is it difficult or more work to just splice the news onto another pod and keep them separate? I love when they discuss the industry. I’d listen to those earlier than reviews if they were separate but I don’t mind how it is now either.

I’d love them to but my god I also want them to have hours in the day to like enjoy things outside of a mic in their face recording them.

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No, it’s fine the way it is.

No I don’t think so. I enjoy the current format and news comes out so regularly that it would be tough to keep everything current.
Plus, John and Wai seem like they’re working around the clock as it is haha

To be honest, I love having the news as part of the existing podcasts, and the recent trend of talking about the news at the end of a show instead of the beginning has been a bit of an adjustment on my part, I’m getting used to it lol.

Agree with some others here, the news at the start of the review works best.