Should wwe just give up on the universal title

I’ve read a editorial on the wrestlezone website that talk about how much of a failure the whole universal title experiment is.

I’m not going to write the whole editorial but if you are interested in reading it, here the link: wrestlezone/news/1035307-universal-word-goodbye

Anyway, I’m just going to recap the history of the universal title then give my opinion on the subject.

  1. Finn balor win the title but as to relinquish is because he got injured

  2. Kevin owens wins in a fatal four way but was so badly booked that it made the title feel like a secondary title and not a main title

  3. Goldberg wins the belt from Owens. As pretty much the best title reigns of all the champions on the list but only won it to give the belt some prestige.

  4. Lesnar wins the belt from Goldberg, barely defend it over the year and a half he had the belt and was looked at as the worst champion of the bunch.

  5. Reigns wins the belt from lesnar but has to relinquish the belt because of his leukemia diagnostic.

  6. Lesnar wins the belt back because they knew strowman was going to get surgery

So when you look at it, Goldberg had the best reigns out of all of the guy that won the belt, everybody else either got injured, sick, or in the case of Owens bad booking killed his run.

So I don’t know about you guys but this feel like a belt that is more synonymous with bad news and bad booking then a world title. If I was WWE, after lesnar drop the belt either at the rumble or mania, I would come out on tv and say that the universal title is no more and that the world title is brought back. At less the world title as more prestige and is already establish then the universal title and it would be easier for them to get the raw champion as the champion on the brand then continuing to try and make the universal relevant.

Yea, a guy who held the title a month and didn’t have a single match between when he won and lost the title, had the best reign.

Makes a lot of sense.

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Yeah I know, that prove how bad the booking of the title as been since it’s inception.

This title was shit on since it’s inception…expecting it to be better is on us…we’re the ones who killed it’s creditability when it was first shown.


The WORLD tilte came back in 2002, They unified in 2013.
The UNIVERSAL title debuted 2016, expect it gone by 2027.

By booing because they thought it looked stupid? I don’t get why that happened (never been into the whole “this belt looked cool” thing, personally), but I don’t think that it has much of anything to do with the title’s credibility some 30 months later.

That’s a very good question but I don’t think the title is the problem here. They should just give it to full time wrestlers. Kevin Owens explained the booking for his win and said it made perfect sense. I think it did.

Yeah, i feel the way they booked is wins was perfect, it’s the follow trough, that made no sense and hurt his title reigns. It’s like they were scared of changing any of the plans they had with owens and jericho and they shoehorn a tone of comedy during his run which made him look like a midcarder holding a world title. Plus having him wrestled every weeks either in single or tag team against first seth rollins and then roman reigns made both title program feel meaningless and the best part of his title run was when they finally took the jericho/owens feud to the next gear which cause owens to lose the belt to goldberg.

If they would have just continued the idea they had as to why HHH help him win the belt in the first place or at less give a explanation as to why HHH did it and not push play and repeat with the same old shit with both title feud he had, maybe it would have been a more memorable reigns but they pretty much screwed Owens title reigns over with a ton of bad booking decision. Kind like when The Miz won the WWE title and they tried to make us believe that Jerry Lawler would have beaten Miz for the title if Michael cole didn’T interfered.

Maybe if Reigns wasn’t short changed on his title wins…maybe that title means something.

But nooooo…you had to keep putting the title on Brock because if you don’t have over babyfaces, you have to put it on your hottest heel… which Lesnar is.