Shut this Circus down already!

Pro Wrestling Sheet has learned more people in WWE who were at the Performance Center have tested positive for COVID-19.

Sources say there have been at least 30 people in total at the PC who’ve tested positive for the virus over the past three weeks.

Outrageous. Irresponsible. Criminal.


I dont think they should shut it down at this point, it doesnt make sense considering everyone else is opening back up. What they need to do is test everyone, quarantine them, and then bulk shoot for months. Tape for an entire week and go up to Summerslam for all I care.

If they did this, I dont think anyone would complain.

Than at what? 100% infected? 101%? WWE brought this on themselves. I have ZERO sympathy for this company, and my patience starts to run thin with the talent too - they should open their mouths. See what the officials will say when everybody stick actually together and point a finger. FN cowards.

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I didnt say I had sympathy for WWE and I didnt say that I didnt think they brought this on them selves, I agree with that.

I just dont think you need to shut it down if you can identify who is sick vs who isnt. Maybe let me re-phrase what I said, maybe temporarily cease shooting until you know who is sick, but once you identify that, if they implement the proper protocols you can continue to shoot if you do it the right way like I said above.

We’re at a point now where alot of major promotions have started back up. Zero chance WWE shuts down when everyone else is running unless we are talking about something temporary until things are sorted out.

The wrestlers probably don’t see it as a massive issue. Similar to how wrestlers in AEW probably don’t see it as a massive issue. The wrestlers that do, aren’t on TV.

Maybe this is a controversial thing to say in current society where we have to be extremely tribal about everything but the truth about this virus probably lies somewhere in between the 2 extremes of “there’s no need to take precautions, this virus is a hoax, I’ll kill you before I wear a mask” and “this virus will kill everyone it infects. If you’re out and you get it then you’ll die and you’ll have deserved to die, we’ll see who’s laughing later”.


Isn’t Disneyworld supposed to open in a week? Lol

Mickey Mouse needs to face justice. Randy Marsh didn’t finish the job.

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This was a controversial opinion months ago, but the talent has been given a choice to appear and participate or not. That is on them. I’m tired of standing up for talent that do not stand up for themselves. If they need the money, and don’t want to just take their downsides or whatever, that is 100% their choice. I do think they have a right to make that choice on their own; at the same time, they are pretty shitty people if they are going to work, and then recklessly going out in public exposing other people.

WWE should implement a policy that talent must go to work, go home, stay in your own self-made bubble. If evidence emerges of talent not isolating out of work, they are automatically suspended without pay. Actually, fire them.

On the AEW Side, I find it appalling they do not pay for all talent and families to be housed in Jacksonville to eliminate traveling. Look how the NBA is creating a bubble. Will it be perfect, hell no; but at the very least they are doing what they can to try and foster a safe environment while permitting the business to exist as they can’t afford to have it cancelled just like WWE cannot.

All that said, it is appalling WWE did not do testing until a few weeks ago; the stuff with the Masks not being permitted and non-talent being allowed in is as ridiculous as anything we’ve seen the company try to get away with. I have no doubt they will eventually pay for this. And they deserve to.

Tell this to Mox, please.

Also, remember the firing spree WWE wen on just after this hit. That’ll teach 'em to speak or not, if they want a paycheck. Hey, remember how Roman hasn’t been mentioned in weeks (the last I watched) after he decided to go home, watch after his health?

Are you implying that the guys that were fired were fired due to speaking out about having to perform?

I 100% agree that firing talent back when they did was pretty callus considering they were doing just fine, however I dont think that it has anything to do with talent speaking out, or was done to deter talent from speaking out.

I don’t think there was a direct correlation between those who spoke out, and those who were fired; but if they are willing to fire people for almost no reason, then it is heavily implied they can fire anyone for whatever reason. And, really, in the current lock down, covid world world, not many places are hiring

We all know WWE runs a sloppy shop, no surprise at all. Embarrassing to see the “industry leader” be so stupid

Problem from the jump is we’ve been playing catch-up b/c of the 1-2 punch of inept leadership/misinformation from our leaders, and the stubborn (bordering on stupid) sense of independence that is our greatest strength & our biggest weakness.

There was no reason beyond money to open bars & water parks & beaches. I knew we were in for a long fight when I saw folks losing their damn minds and congregating en masse back on Memorial Day. The people can’t be trusted. A person is smart, people as a group can be easily influenced (especially when you make a common sense issue into a political football).

And it’s not just the 'Murica crowd that vexes me…I cringe every time I watch footage of the protests. I’m incredibly proud & inspired by those folks, but there’s a very real probability that a good number of those folks will get sick while fighting for basic human rights.

So yeah, I think everyone needs to understand the reality of the situation. There’s no need for panic or paranoia…But we need to be prepared & take proper precautions. This isn’t over by a longshot.

Also nobody should be running wrestling shows now, but the industry leader has fumbled this almost as bad as the Hall Of Famer-In-Chief. You know it’s bad when Canada AND Mexico want to keep us (and our dollars) out of their countries! :100:


Actually when you put it like this, answer is pretty much yes. Just look who was released and how most of those guys and girls deemed to be having some sort of a “problem” with someone backstage. Or someone backstage had problem with them, if we have to be precise (EC3 as a shining example here).

From beginning to end, the wwe has disgusted me, I’ve not watched a second since *wrestlemania. Putting smiles on peoples faces? That’s absolute nonsense, the only fans that would apply to, is people, for whom, wrestling is the most important thing in their lives, which is no-one. The most important thing to people is their family and friends, and it’s upsetting for most to see an incredibly unimportant medium overtly flaunt the rules that are keeping their fans and others from seeing the people closest to them. How many people have those 30 people been in contact with outside the pc? Then those people after that? WWE, most likely, have or will have a preventable death on their hands that wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t a completely selfish sociopathic company.

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I agree with pretty much everything you said after “yes”. A lot of the performers released were people who either asked for a release at some point (Rusev, Bennett, I think Gallows/Anderson), were pretty much no longer used (Ryder, Hawkins, Young etc.), or were deemed to have heat (EC3).

I 100% agree that releasing these guys during a pandemic is shitty, and I would never personally do that. Egg on WWE’s face for that one, they had a right to do it, but it doesnt make it shitty. Where I disagree is that they were released due to specifically speaking out about performing during the pandemic.

Now I can buy that by releasing these performers WWE indirectly sent a message that they are not against releasing people right now, but I don’t think you can say that these guys specifically were released for not wanting to wrestle, and the guys who have spoken up (Zane, Owens, Reigns) don’t appear to have had any consequences. I don’t consider having your name not mentioned a consequence. Now when they return if they are jobbed out or booked to look like idiots, then I will change my tune.

Where did I mentioned that? BTW Zane was stripped out of his title (the NXT Cruiserweigh champ was not).

I don’t recall Rusev asking for his release. He was negotiating a new deal, those are two different things. I’m pretty sure he was unhappy (and who would blame him), but I absolutely don’t recall him asking for his release, as being Bulgarian myself and been in touch with him years before he signed, I know how much he dreamed to go there and what a LONG way he came from (his first years promo wise were horrendous, but he grew so much as a performer since. Man, finding your voice in wrestling is SO IMPORTANT (looking at Ricochet)).

Anyway, I got carried away; I hope I got my point across, though.

I asked you:

You answered:

I’m not looking to put words in your mouth. Maybe there was a misinterpretation?

Rusev is great, its too bad they let him go. I think that one will bite them in the ass down the road. Of all the guys they cut, it wouldn’t surprise me if they brought him back.

We all know they aren’t shutting down, so this is kind of a waste of time. Mental masturbation. If they haven’t closed yet, they aren’t going to.


Exactly, especially when other promotions are opening back up.