Silas Young shares thoughts about ROH's hiatus, what he felt was a "slap in the face"

Originally published at Silas Young talks ROH's hiatus, what he felt was a "slap in the face"

Silas Young opens up about Ring of Honor’s hiatus.

Back in October, Ring of Honor informed the public that they were going on hiatus after their Final Battle event and planned on starting back up in April. Fast forward to present day, ROH is set to run their Supercard of Honor event on April 1st and currently scheduled for the show is Jonathan Gresham versus Bandido to determine an Undisputed ROH World Champion.

Multiple now-former ROH talents have spoken about the Zoom call the company held to let them know that those whose contracts did not roll over or carry into 2022 would be free agents.

Two-time ROH World Television Champion Silas Young guest appeared on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast and expressed his thoughts about the hiatus announcement. He felt that it was a bit of a “slap in the face” for ROH to let talents go and then immediately inform them of their plans to host a show in April. Silas is open to working with ROH again, but ideally wants other opportunities to come about first.

You know what? I haven’t really made up my mind to be quite honest with you . I don’t — I feel like no one really knows exactly what’s going on there or at the very least, I don’t know what’s going on there. It was interesting though that on the same call that we all got told we were being released from our contracts, that they also told us they were running a show come April, which is uh, kind of a bit of a f*cking slap in the face to be quite honest with you. Basically, my takeaway from all of it was that guys were getting paid a lot of money to not work very often, I mean, and this was even pre-pandemic. I mean pre-pandemic, we were doing what? Maybe 40, 50 shows a year which in the grand scheme of things really ain’t a whole lot, you know? So I feel like the whole thing was more of a budget cut thing than anything else. As far as what they’re gonna do in the future and if I’d be involved, I mean I’m always open to be involved. You know, I mean it’s wrestling, it’s entertainment. You always have to like, you know, try to put yourself in the best positions possible and as much as I enjoy working the independents, I would definitely be open to going back and working there but, you know, ideally, some other opportunities would come up first.

Silas has spent the last nine years of his pro wrestling career with Ring of Honor. Now that he’s no longer closely tied to the company and has had time to reflect, he feels like the separation is good for him.

You know what? Weirdly, you know — it always sucks to lose a job, especially a job that’s giving you like a guaranteed paycheck or whatever but, weirdly, it’s been a good thing for me lost but at the same time, it feels like a good thing. It was something I needed for myself personally.

On the road to Supercard of Honor, ROH is going to be making announcements for their inaugural Hall of Fame class. Details concerning that can be read at this link.

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